Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A new outlook on food

I hate wasting food. I cringe when I buy fruits and vegetables - because I want to be healthy - and then I end up throwing 80% of it away. Did you know Americans waste 25-40% of the food they buy!? Are you kidding me?!

I never liked to cook because I didn't want to throw away leftovers and I hate chopping onions. And I stopped buying healthy snacks because all of my fruits and veggies went in the trash.

Then I had a child and I realized I needed to give her healthy options. She couldn't live off of cheese and crackers and Diet Coke. And I would see all these moms spend hours cutting fruits and veggies for their kids. Making homemade baby food from start to finish. Washing, peeling, cutting, steaming, blending, freezing, thawing. Why couldn't I do that? 

So I tried really hard. I would buy berries and half of the container would be moldy when I got home. I would buy bananas and eat two and throw away 3 after they molded on my counter waiting to be turned into banana bread. I would buy canned beans and carrots with all the added salt because it was better than nothing right? I bought frozen veggies that ended up getting freezer burn. I bought fruit cups soaked in sugary syrup. I was running out of options.

It just wasn't working, but I lived with it because I didn't know the solution.

Well there is a solution. Freeze dried. It's revolutionary. It is not dehydrated. Freeze dried doesn't shrink and then swell in your stomach. No heat is applied so no nutrition is lost. 

Freeze dried can be eaten dry as snacks. Or rehydrated for meals and desserts. It is real food! No supplement powders or pills. No preservatives. Non GMO and MSG free! And most are Gluten free too (including sauces!) The food is picked when it's ripe and freeze dried the same day! All the nutrients and all the flavors. and NO WASTE!

Here is a photo of all the freeze dried food we have eaten in our home the last 5 months that are now empty cans! And I threw nothing away. (except the handful of mixed fruits when Maggie dumped them all over the Old Navy dressing room).

If you are interested in trying this yummy food contact me for a food demo! You can find out more here

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LauraP said...

I need to attend one of your food demos so I can see the food in action! It's just hard for me to picture the freeze dried food turning into fresh food after being mixed with water (It's kinda blowing my mind). But I really do want to order some. Cause freeze dried fruit is yummy and I'm really interested in the chicken you had mentioned once. I just need to take the time to get on your website and organize my thoughts, haha :)