Monday, April 14, 2014

Because of Him

This year has created a beautiful video and daily project for this week leading up to Easter to remember our Savior and the reality that He lives and we can all live because of him.

Today I know I can be a better daughter because of Him. My parents have always shared their testimony to me that families are eternal and I can see my angel brother and sister one day. This gift has been made possible because of the resurrection of The Savior of the world. 

I know Jesus Christ lived on this earth and taught his disciples. I know he was baptized to fulfill all righteousness. I know he atoned for our sins and ultimately died so that we will all be saved from a spiritual death. This allows us the opportunity to repent. His atonement gives us second chances. And I know he was resurrected so we can overcome our physical deaths. This miracle of Christ's resurrection is a gift to all human beings. 

This week leading up to Easter Sunday we can all remember Christ a little more and think of all of the second chances we can experience because of His atonement, death, and resurrection. 

To watch the film go here:

You can also search #becauseofhim on different social media sites to see what others are saying about Jesus Christ and join in on the project. 

And for additional reading you can read daily commentaries on the life of The Savior during Holy Week on my uncle Chad's blog here: