Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's a new home

Buying a home is terrifying. But exhilarating and exciting and makes me feel like a real grow up. We've been in our home a week now and things are coming together. Maggie LOVES the space she has to explore and play. And we love watching her learn. She loves dogs and says "ruu ruu ruu" when she sees them and any other animal. She loves pointing at the lights and is getting very good at saying "ight" but hasn't quite mastered the "l" at the beginning. Daddy is also teaching her the word "door." 

When I was younger we would occasionally miss photo ops on holidays. When this happened we would have to pose later when we were all together and dressed cute so my mom could scrapbook the photos. Well Brandon and I did that with Maggie this morning in front of our old house. Even though we moved last week. We had to document Maggie's first home. It's been a good place for us. Great area and even greater neighbors, some of which will be lifelong friends. Springville Twin you were good to us. Glad we can visit our cousins that will be moving in this week. Bryan and Jessie, you will love it there. 

It's hard to not want everything new in a new home, so I've done my best with what I already have. I moved stuff around and added a few new things from Ikea. I have yet to hang anything, but I'm still figuring that stuff out. 

Got this little stack of books from the Salt Lake City library book sale this past spring. The entry table was being stored at my parents' home for a few months. I got it from the amazing Vivian at Perfect Pallet. 

We bought our first couches as a late anniversary gift and we love them. They are cute for me and long enough for Brandon.  Pillows are a mix of Joss and Main, Ikea, and Ashley Furniture (came with the couch). Both side tables and coffee table are straight from the 50s and we love them. We love grandparent hand me downs. 

Top shelf box from my mom which originally came from her mom(?) Oil lamp from girls camp a decade or so ago. Books from DI. Yellow box from Ikea. 

Tin from my grandma. I love this so much.  

A view of the kitchen with my Norwex towel that I want 10 more of! And one of the drawer pulls we chose from Ikea...just need to finish the other 50+. 

Bowls and butter dish from Thai Pan. The wooden spoons and utensil pot were wedding gifts. I used to have all my big utensils in that but love the look of just the wooden ones. Oh and my white quartz countertops are my favorite. 

Let's just say making your bed with the top sheet only is life changing. Black and white pillow covers $5 from Ikea. 

Shelf in Maggie's room. Top left book from my grandma, given to me 27 years ago. She said the little girl looked like me. And she looks like Maggie too so it's perfect. 

So there's just a few glimpses of the new house. It's bitter sweet moving but we are excited to make new memories here and keep all the memories we made there.