Friday, June 13, 2014

Dear Maggie, on your first birthday

Dear Maggie,

I can tell you are going to be smart like your dad and grandpas. You are such an inquisitive child. Always pointing and saying, "what's that?" You especially love books, balloons, and balls. You throw balls and are quite ambidextrous. Although you do throw significantly better with your left hand. Which your mom is totally thrilled about. (Lefties unite!) 

You also love to dance. When music comes on you can't resist bouncing your little body. And when you get really into it you wave your hands up and down.

Your faces make me smile all day long. I love watching you play. You get so excited and gasp with your little round lips as you throw the ball and chase after it. You also love piling toys or laundry from one side of your body and then moving them to the other side. And you love pointing at all the wonderful things around you. You point at the animals in your books and you point at lights, trees, birds, and anything else we pass. 

Your smile is contagious and it is out of the ordinary if we go anywhere and someone doesn't comment at how cute you are. You also love to clap, wave, blow kisses, play pat-a-cake, and peek-a-boo. 

You walk around furniture and cruise up the stairs. You learned that trick the day after your birthday when mom went upstairs for something and came around the corner to find you 3 steps from the top. Thankfully you didn't fall down. We are working on getting brave enough to go down. 

Can't believe you are one!! It's such a joy watching you discover and learn more about this beautiful world. We sure so love you so incredibly much. 


Mommy and Daddy

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wisp said...

I've never met her, but I really miss her. <3 She is such a sweet little girl. Seeing all the cute pictures you post always makes me smile. I'm so smitten with that Miss Maggs.