Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Era

Thoughts about eras. 

When I look in the mirror I wish I lived in the an earlier century when white skin was attractive. Or when fuller women were considered more attractive. Or when clothing was not a fashion statement, but something to protect the body. 

When I see nice furniture and fancy decor I wish I lived in a time when everyone made their own furniture and it was a practical necessity. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. 

When I get a hair cut I wish I lived in a time before mirrors so I couldn't compare my large head and blemished face to the hairdresser behind me. 

When I paint my toenails I wish I lived before things like nail Polish existed. Because then maybe I wouldn't wish my toe nails were porportionate to my toes. And then I couldn't wish that I could afford to pamper myself like the other women I see on social media. Because back in the day spas and salons didn't exist. 

When I go to church I look at all the women, mothers, and families that are dressed to impress. Because we wear our Sunday best right? But instead of seeing the beautiful children of God, I see them as someone I am not. Someone prettier and fancier. And then I wish I lived in an era before stores. When everyone made their clothing. But then I remember I can't sew. And then I remember all the talents other people have and wish I lived in a time when everyone lived so far from neighbors they only had their family to entertain. And couldn't share pictures for everyone else to see. 

But then I remember the New Era. The era of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Restored once again. And I realize I don't need to wish I lived in an earlier era without the technologies and social media that exposes everyone to everyone else. Because living the gospel era doesn't let me compare myself to my neighbors. My friends. Who I love and admire. The gospel era doesn't let me focus on outward and worldly appearances and ideas. The gospel era focuses on my relationship to God and my Savior. The gospel era teaches me that I am a child of a loving Heavenly Father and I have value. The gospel era teaches me not judge. Not compare. Not hate. Not belittle. 

So next time I find myself wishing I didn't live in a time when I could so easily wish I looked like someone in my Instagram feed. Or cook something yummy I see on Pinterest. Or create something beautiful I see on Facebook. I will remember to live in the gospel era. Because the gospel era is what matters. It is what will bring me happiness. So I don't have to pretend to live in an isolated world. I can live in this century with all the beautiful technologies and blessings. And also remember to live in this new era. This gospel era. My era. 


LauraP said...

I wish I could be you! You have so many wonderful talents and I wish I had your style and your decorating sense! But I understand where you are coming from. It's hard not to compare or get jealous of what people are posting. But they usually only show the good stuff.

wisp said...

It would be fun if we could cook Pinterest recipes together when we live close again. :) You are a wonderful person. It's hard not to compare ourselves - I do it all the time, I always feel like I need to be smaller and I forget to appreciate the progress I have made so far. But everyone is different and that makes the world beautiful. ^_^

Tamey said...

It's funny because I always wished I looked like you em! You are gorgeous! And so talented and just a wonderful person.