Sunday, January 19, 2014

A House, Maggs, and Simply Singing

We are in the process if building our first home and I could not be more thrilled and anxious. Picking stuff out is exhilarating and terrifying. How am I supposed to envision rooms and floors and walls by looking at tiny swatches of paint color and carpet? Hope it all comes together and I'm glad we live so close so I can see the progress on a daily basis. 

Then there's Miss Miggs of course. Man I love my little ham. She makes Colonel Brandon and me happier than we could ever imagine. 

Sad day when the Saints lost to the Seahawks. But at least Maggie could cheer us up. 

And then there's singing time in my ward. Man I love those kidlets. They make me laugh so much and I am inspired by their spirit. This year I am trying a new scripture study approach. I'm following @bofm365 on Instagram and trying to read my scriptures daily. In conjunction with that, the kids are helping me! Each Sunday we learn a new song that has to do with what I read that week in my study. I also read a scripture and talk about how songs are like scriptures. We can learn new things we read and sing through the spirit. I've also invited the kids to participate too and we can help them in their scripture study by singing a song they choose from their scripture reading. 

The kids love it. And so do I. It's helped my personal study lots. 

Last week we sang the first verse of Nephi's Courage. This week we'll do The Iron Rod. Colonel Brandon has lovingly pointed out it will be a stretch to connect songs when I get to the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi and the war chapters in Alma. Well we'll show him :). And he'll help me do it. 

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wisp said...

Oh, how I love that little baby! She is the sweetest little bear. :3 I'm so excited for you guys about the house! How wonderful! *hugs* ^_^