Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Baby Girl

I have to give credit to the idea behind this post to Nicole. I have been meaning to write for months now, but wanted to get my pictures uploaded to make this more interesting...but clearly that is not happening. So here it goes.

Dear Baby Girl,

We have arrived to the half-way point and it feels great. You aren't making me sick anymore and I have actually enjoyed eating these last few weeks. It's crazy to think that the first trimester I was teaching cute little 7th graders and snotty little 8th graders. I am glad to be done with that now and have enjoyed being back in the office. 

People at work are finally beginning to notice I have an added little bump so it's still fun telling people. I've been told this month is the best during pregnancy and I really do feel great. Except when I have to lie flat on my back, which has happened twice these last few weeks. Once at the dentist and once today at the Ultrasound. Both were quite the exciting story, so I need to document it. Hopefully it will make you laugh someday. 

Dentist chairs are not made for pregnant women. Being on my back while my teeth were getting cleaned and my feet were above my head was not the greatest experience. About 30 min. in (there was a lot of waiting beforehand) I suddenly felt lightheaded, clammy and dizzy. I raised my hand to say I wasn't feeling well so she stopped and lifted the chair just a little bit. (I know now I need to lie on my side when this happens). It was not going away and the next thing I knew, two women were yelling my name and telling me to keep breathing. I responded with something like, "It's okay, I'm awake." Apparently you, my little baby girl, like to squash my inferior vena cava which stops blood flow and makes me pass out. So thanks for that :) I think I freaked the lady out because I was shaking when I passed out so she thought I was having a seizure. After about 10 min. I started feeling better again.

Now fast forward to today getting my ultrasound. I was nervous going into it because I was going to be on my back for about 45 min. I was feeling okay for the first 30, but then I needed to switch to my side. That only helped so much and eventually my breakfast came back up. That was embarrassing, but I didn't pass out this time. You are quite the stubborn girl and wouldn't cooperate so it was taking longer. You kept crossing your legs or bending them up into your hips. You wouldn't move your hands from the front of your face and you would not hold still! Ever! So if you are already this stubborn and wiggly, then your dad and I are in for a treat.

Speaking of being wiggly, daddy felt you move for the first time tonight. It was pretty special. I love feeling you move right now. It's not painful and it reminds me you are there and okay. It is such a relief to know that you are healthy and strong and I feel so blessed to be your mama. 

Now for a quick bullet list of how things have changed since being pregnant:

  • Soda does not really taste good to me anymore. I still have a diet coke once or twice a week, but that only started recently. You have made me crave water. all. the. time. And I hope that doesn't change, because I feel much healthier :)
  • Sleeping is annoying. I think I convinced your daddy for a king size bed for our anniversary next month because our hand-me-down 10+ year old mattress is just not cutting it. I was a stomach/back sleeper, but not anymore thanks to you baby girl.
  • I finally went off my cut-in-half Unisom on Christmas Day (only because I forgot it when we went to Logan...I was super nervous to go without it, but I think by week 16 I was finally ready). Up until then, it saved me.
  • The first thing I craved was a baked potato. After a week of them, that phase was over. 
  • I loved cheese before, but I LOVE cheese now. For the first trimester I made your daddy buy me the fake american cheese. I loved that stuff. But I tried a slice the other day and almost gagged, so apparently we're over that now.
  • Salads are really hard to swallow, but it's becoming easier.
  • Carnation instant breakfast saved your mama. Only breakfast I can get down.
  • Brushing my teeth is getting easier, but my gag reflex really got me on that one. I had to be super careful in the mornings if I didn't want stomach acid coming up.
  • Even though you've made my belly and boobs get bigger, I still have only gained 1 pound. The doctor keeps assuring me that it's okay, so I will trust him.

Well I think this is long enough for today. Perhaps next time I'll post pictures, but at least you'll have some in your scrapbook. I did actually scrapbook last weekend and it felt great. I sure do love you and can't wait to see you. 4 1/2 months to go. We can do it.

Love your mommy.