Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cribs Make The Best Laundry Baskets

Growing up I always envisioned myself being a stay at home mom like my mom was to us 5 girls. Then I got this Human Resources slash accounting job I really loved. And I nannied for years while going to school. I was a master busy body. And I thought, "I can totally do both." Have a job and be a mom. So when the time to be a mom finally arrived, I worked it out. My boss is great and I got this fancy laptop to work from home some days and work in the office other days. My mom and sister would babysit for me. And we could save up for a house so fast. Everything would be great.

Yeah. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Having a job and being a mom is not fun. For me. Props to moms that can do it but I am counting down the days till I'm done working and can be home with Maggie all the time. I won't feel guilty not paying my family to babysit. I won't dread coming home to a dirty house and I won't let the clean laundry take over Maggie's room because the last thing I want to do is fold it because then I have to put it away. And let's face it: putting away laundry is the WORST.

And I can spend all afternoon planning dinner or scrapbooking. Or just playing with Maggie. 

Here's to ringing out the end of the 2013 with me working fewer and fewer hours each week. And enjoying this fall weather with colonel Brandon and the Maggs by watching lots of movies and going to the pumpkin patch behind our house. Right in our backyard and it's fabulous. 


Maggie is 4 months old and apparently I like to open my mouth like she does. 

Failed attempts at fall family photos. 

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LauraP said...

I love your little baby! She is adorable. Next time the family is together I need to hold her! I don't think I did last time. Anyway, you are an awesome mama and I'm sure working is so hard with a baby. I couldn't do it. I'm sure the extra money is nice, but staying home is 10X better!