Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thoughts on your Blessing Day

Miss Maggs,

A few weeks ago the Springville Emmett's were over visiting you and asked about the day of your blessing. I hadn't given it much thought until then. I knew Jamie was going to be speaking on July 14th before she left on her mission, so I figured we'd do it the 7th of July since she'd still be here. Thank you Chad for the idea to bless you on the 14th, in the Lundbergs' ward, so everyone could be there for both your blessing and Jamie's "pre-mission sermon." 

So the planning began...and was super easy because of your grandma Mary. I brought brownies and she did the rest. Wow, I have it way too easy. Grandma Mary spoils you and me way too much.

You were blessed by your father in your great, great grandmother's (Veara) blessing dress that was made by Veara's older sister - named Margaret. My grandmother Norda also wore it as well as my mom. Unfortunately we had to skip the next generation because your mama was just a tad too chunky to wear it.
Your blessing could not have been more perfect. Daddy made mommy cry with his sweetness and blessed you with the following:

  • a soft heart
  • obedience
  • intelligence and understanding
  • wisdom to find good friends and a worthy young man that will be able to take you to the temple
  • health and strength
  • kindness, empathy, and consideration to all men, that you will understand their point of view 
  • ability to overcome fear
  • faith, hope, and charity
Talk about a lucky gal. You have one incredibly loving father. 

Your blessing was followed by an amazing talk given by Aunt Camilla (who also received her YW medallion that day), a beautiful musical number by Grandma Mary, your Aunties, and your mama (although your mama ruined it by her sobbing. And yes, you could hear the sobs). 

Jamie then gave what Uncle Chad called a "Pre-Mission Sermon." And it really was an incredible talk. When you are older, I will read it to you.