Monday, June 24, 2013

Dearest Maggs,

You are quite the photogenic baby. I will let these pictures speak for themselves. Thanks Kim Aldrich Photography for these gorgeous pictures!  

Love you sweet baby.

Some stats:
Photos taken when you were just 4 days old.
1 week: 7 lbs. 13 oz.
2 weeks: 8 lbs. 3 oz. 21 inches

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear Baby Maggie, Letter #3

The story of your entrance to the world.
Dearest Maggs,
Momma here. I meant to write you more while you were still attached to me, but life got in the way. And to be honest, you came before I expected you to come. But I couldn't be happier about that. So here we begin:
On Monday, June 3 your momma went to her 39 week doctors appointment. She was only effaced 50% and dilated to a 1, so Dr. Nance said he would be seeing her next Monday and from there she'd have a nonstress test on Tuesday and most likely be induced on Thursday, June 13. This was the same day Momma's good friend Dani was going to be induced with her 3rd baby, so she was pretty convinced you and baby Ivy would be in the hospital together.
On Thursday your Auntie Amanda took your momma to get a pedicure. Your momma's feet had been so swollen it felt so good to get a foot massage and she came home that night to find out Dani's water broke and she was going to the hospital. Dani also told your mom she had been doing acupressure to help induce labor. There was no way your mom was going to wait till the 13th now that Dani had been admitted to the hospital so she spent the night watching acupressure videos and putting clothes pins on her pinkie toes.
At about 12:30 am she woke up to *painful* contractions that kept her up all night. She took a shower, watched TV, and counted her contractions. By 7 am she heard the news that your friend Ivy Alyce was born at 6:07 that morning. Your mom's contractions were 3-4 minutes apart so she decided to drag your daddy to the hospital to see what was happening. They stopped by Dani's room to see Ivy, who was only a few hours old. At 10:30 am your mom got sent home because in an hour she only went from a 1 to *almost* a 2 and from 50% to about 65%. They did send her home with morphine thinking that would stop the contractions.
Well, they thought wrong. After a drugged up sleep, she started feeling them again around 2 pm. She would count them for a while, but then get impatient, so she would stop. But the contractions never let up and by 8 pm they really were getting painful. The nurse told your mom to take a warm bath and then drink 32 oz of water and lie down for a while to see if that would stop the contractions. It didn't work.
So at 9:30 pm your momma couldn't handle it anymore, but was scared if she went to the hospital, she'd get sent home again. She asked daddy for a blessing and then made the decision to just go for it. Your mom and Dad got to the hospital at 10. Your momma was now dilated to a 2-3 and was about 75% effaced. An hour later she was dilated to a 4 so they admitted her! As soon as she was admitted, she asked for an epidural, but Dr. Brady didn't show up to give it to her till about 1:30 am Saturday morning. During that wait your mom would grab daddy's hand and arm to help her breath through each contraction.
Since your mommy is so short, Dr. Brady had a hard time getting the epidural in between the vertebrae. It took him a couple tries, but he got it and immediately your mom felt her toes get all warm. Pretty soon she was relieved of the painful contractions, but was being made fun of by Aunt Jamie and Grandma Mary for itching her face and arms nonstop. Momma had to wear an oxygen mask too because your heart rate was dropping, which only made the itchiness worse.
The epidural machine also made a squeaking noise and at some point Jamie jokingly asked if that was the sound of a baby. This little incident will soon become the first story of your first nickname.
By 3:30 am your momma was dilated to a 7 and by 5 am she was dilated to a 10 and was 100% effaced. Your nurse Alli (best nurse of all time) called Dr. Nance and since you were still so high your momma waited an hour for you to come down before she started pushing. Dr. Nance came at 6:20 and momma pushed 3 times, counting to 10 each time during each contraction. You decided to come into the world posterior, so as your mom would push, Dr. Nance turned your little head and body around so you would come out safely. After 10 or so contractions, you arrived at 6:57 am. As soon as your mom heard your soft little cry she began crying. You were finally here and your momma couldn't have been more thrilled and more in love. Your little cry was so precious and you even squeaked when you would inhale. You are now 4 days old and you still do that. Your mom even got it on video. So now with the story of the epidural machine being mistaken for a baby and your squeaky cry, your family now calls you Squeaks, along with Maggs, Maggie, and Margaret.
Grandma Mary said you were so beautiful when you had just come out. She then commented on your cone head, which did look very silly, but only lasted a few hours. Dr. Nance showed you to your mom and she thought he was going to hand you over, but then turned around and gave you to the nurse. Mean doctor. They quickly checked you out, cleaned you up, put a hat on your cone head, and handed you over to your momma. She got to hold you for the next hour and nursed you for the first time. You were wide eyed and so content. And your momma was in heaven.

You ghen got some daddy time. And Grandpa Jim, Grandma Mary, Jamie, Camilla, and Carly all held your for a split second to snap a picture before the nurses took you for your first bath and more tests. Daddy went with you to have your first bath and Amanda, Grandpa Bastian, and Grandma Bastian all got some Maggie time after.
And that's the story of how you came into this world. The doctors and nurses all loved you and commented on how beautiful you are. Your mommy is totally obsessed with you and your daddy is convinced you will be just as smart as he is.

Now, at four days old, you sleep like an angel and love being with your mommy (and daddy).

So my dearest Maggie, I love and adore you. You have changed my world and I could not be more enchanted by your sweetness.