Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Latest Discoveries

I have recently discovered (and re-discovered) a few amazing things and wanted to document. Or share with any of you that still look at my little neglectful blog. I have these dreams of making it all cute and snazzy...but they're still in that pile of dreams.

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo. Oh, how did I ever live without you?? Oh wait, I did for my entire life until now and I washed my hair almost daily. If I didn't I put it up in a bun on the day I didn't wash it, I worried about it turning into a greaseball by the end of the day. 

2. This little beauty. Now we just celebrated our 3 year anniversary and just barely bought a printer. Before I would print the few things I needed at school or work. I mean, once in a while it was stressful, but it worked. Then I got put into primary and 6 months later I was dying without a printer. So I used some of my cash back from Discover and got this little Epson printer for $30.00 Best $30.00 I ever spent. 

3. Along with my new printer, I rediscovered something I got years ago when I was working up at the Scrapbook Expo. Now I get to laminate all the primary stuff I print for the primary songs and I don't even have to leave my house. The amazing Purple Cows Laminator.

4. When I was in Thailand in 2006 I ate quite a bit of this candy and brought some home for my family. But then I forgot about it. And then I started seeing it everywhere! So I bought myself some. And I'm addicted. P.S. They sell these in bulk at the Orem Costco, but not Spanish Fork (lame). The amazing Hi-Chew fruit chew. Better than a Starburst or Mamba. Almost like a gum. You could really chew these for a long time.

5. I recently was invited to a Norwex party and my good friend graciously let me borrow her Norwex cloth for a day before I decided to buy my own (they are a little pricey). Before I actually tried it, I looked online and tried to see what others said. I read about e-cloths (they're cheaper and I may try those too). But I am telling you, this Norwex cloth is amazing. I cleaned my tub faucet with it that had soap residue all over it. I've tried other stuff and it would not come off. This cloth (with a little bit of the paste) took it right off. And I love that it's just a cloth with some hot water (and some paste for the really tough stuff). I also had this weird stain on my tile that I also could never get off. Easily came off with this beauty. Okay, I'll stop the rant now. 

And there you have it. Have any of you tried these things or similar stuff? Because I'm always looking for new genius discoveries (yes, candy is a genius discovery).


wisp said...

I loooove Hi-Chew!!! I got addicted to Asian snack foods while taking my Japanese classes at BYU and this is one of my favorite. I actually have to limit myself with them because I get carried away... lol. And I might just try that towel!
Hm... something cool to tell you about...
Well, Pocky is always awesome, but you might have tried that already. Aha! I don't know if you cook a lot, but when I do I have much chopping to do and my knifes would always get dull. I like the santoku style knives because they are easier for me to use. Then I found this cute white bladed knife with a pink handle. It's a ceramic knife made by Kyocera. :D
They stay sharp for soooo long. Mine is still as sharp as when I bought it about 3 years ago. You just have to have more care with it (don't smash garlic with it, for instance) and I wash mine by hand. It is my favorite kitchen item. I was thinking of getting another one for a backup in case something were to happen to my precious. lol And the one on amazon comes with a peeler for the same price I got just my knife for. :) Anyway, there's a cool thing back. ;) Love this post!

LauraP said...

Mmmm Hi-Chews are yummy. We had some when we visited Japan a few years back. I have noticed them in a lot of grocery stores now. Ill have to buy them because I love mambas & starburst. Also, I've heard about those cloths. That's awesome they actually work. If you think about money you would save on cleaning products, it's probably worth it. And I like your little mini laminator! Allison has one and I think they are so fun. I love when stuff is laminated for some reason.

adrienne said...

Where do you get the dry shampoo? I have been using Suave and it's pretty good but I would love to try this brand.

Emily said...

I just got it on amazon :)