Saturday, November 9, 2013

Maggie and Mommy

Words cannot express how much I adore these photos. They captured Maggie's personality and I will cherish them forever. Thanks Whitney!

Here are just some of my favorites!

Cribs Make The Best Laundry Baskets

Growing up I always envisioned myself being a stay at home mom like my mom was to us 5 girls. Then I got this Human Resources slash accounting job I really loved. And I nannied for years while going to school. I was a master busy body. And I thought, "I can totally do both." Have a job and be a mom. So when the time to be a mom finally arrived, I worked it out. My boss is great and I got this fancy laptop to work from home some days and work in the office other days. My mom and sister would babysit for me. And we could save up for a house so fast. Everything would be great.

Yeah. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Having a job and being a mom is not fun. For me. Props to moms that can do it but I am counting down the days till I'm done working and can be home with Maggie all the time. I won't feel guilty not paying my family to babysit. I won't dread coming home to a dirty house and I won't let the clean laundry take over Maggie's room because the last thing I want to do is fold it because then I have to put it away. And let's face it: putting away laundry is the WORST.

And I can spend all afternoon planning dinner or scrapbooking. Or just playing with Maggie. 

Here's to ringing out the end of the 2013 with me working fewer and fewer hours each week. And enjoying this fall weather with colonel Brandon and the Maggs by watching lots of movies and going to the pumpkin patch behind our house. Right in our backyard and it's fabulous. 


Maggie is 4 months old and apparently I like to open my mouth like she does. 

Failed attempts at fall family photos. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Festivities

This fall we had the fabulous Jaker's Pumpkin Patch in our backyard so we made several trips over there. All included fun friends and lots of photo ops. Here are just a few. The Ladybug ones were done by the fabulous Pink Lemonade Photography. Thanks Jocelyn!

Pink Lemonade Photography

Emme + ivy moccasins and bow. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thoughts on your Blessing Day

Miss Maggs,

A few weeks ago the Springville Emmett's were over visiting you and asked about the day of your blessing. I hadn't given it much thought until then. I knew Jamie was going to be speaking on July 14th before she left on her mission, so I figured we'd do it the 7th of July since she'd still be here. Thank you Chad for the idea to bless you on the 14th, in the Lundbergs' ward, so everyone could be there for both your blessing and Jamie's "pre-mission sermon." 

So the planning began...and was super easy because of your grandma Mary. I brought brownies and she did the rest. Wow, I have it way too easy. Grandma Mary spoils you and me way too much.

You were blessed by your father in your great, great grandmother's (Veara) blessing dress that was made by Veara's older sister - named Margaret. My grandmother Norda also wore it as well as my mom. Unfortunately we had to skip the next generation because your mama was just a tad too chunky to wear it.
Your blessing could not have been more perfect. Daddy made mommy cry with his sweetness and blessed you with the following:

  • a soft heart
  • obedience
  • intelligence and understanding
  • wisdom to find good friends and a worthy young man that will be able to take you to the temple
  • health and strength
  • kindness, empathy, and consideration to all men, that you will understand their point of view 
  • ability to overcome fear
  • faith, hope, and charity
Talk about a lucky gal. You have one incredibly loving father. 

Your blessing was followed by an amazing talk given by Aunt Camilla (who also received her YW medallion that day), a beautiful musical number by Grandma Mary, your Aunties, and your mama (although your mama ruined it by her sobbing. And yes, you could hear the sobs). 

Jamie then gave what Uncle Chad called a "Pre-Mission Sermon." And it really was an incredible talk. When you are older, I will read it to you.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dearest Maggs,

You are quite the photogenic baby. I will let these pictures speak for themselves. Thanks Kim Aldrich Photography for these gorgeous pictures!  

Love you sweet baby.

Some stats:
Photos taken when you were just 4 days old.
1 week: 7 lbs. 13 oz.
2 weeks: 8 lbs. 3 oz. 21 inches

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear Baby Maggie, Letter #3

The story of your entrance to the world.
Dearest Maggs,
Momma here. I meant to write you more while you were still attached to me, but life got in the way. And to be honest, you came before I expected you to come. But I couldn't be happier about that. So here we begin:
On Monday, June 3 your momma went to her 39 week doctors appointment. She was only effaced 50% and dilated to a 1, so Dr. Nance said he would be seeing her next Monday and from there she'd have a nonstress test on Tuesday and most likely be induced on Thursday, June 13. This was the same day Momma's good friend Dani was going to be induced with her 3rd baby, so she was pretty convinced you and baby Ivy would be in the hospital together.
On Thursday your Auntie Amanda took your momma to get a pedicure. Your momma's feet had been so swollen it felt so good to get a foot massage and she came home that night to find out Dani's water broke and she was going to the hospital. Dani also told your mom she had been doing acupressure to help induce labor. There was no way your mom was going to wait till the 13th now that Dani had been admitted to the hospital so she spent the night watching acupressure videos and putting clothes pins on her pinkie toes.
At about 12:30 am she woke up to *painful* contractions that kept her up all night. She took a shower, watched TV, and counted her contractions. By 7 am she heard the news that your friend Ivy Alyce was born at 6:07 that morning. Your mom's contractions were 3-4 minutes apart so she decided to drag your daddy to the hospital to see what was happening. They stopped by Dani's room to see Ivy, who was only a few hours old. At 10:30 am your mom got sent home because in an hour she only went from a 1 to *almost* a 2 and from 50% to about 65%. They did send her home with morphine thinking that would stop the contractions.
Well, they thought wrong. After a drugged up sleep, she started feeling them again around 2 pm. She would count them for a while, but then get impatient, so she would stop. But the contractions never let up and by 8 pm they really were getting painful. The nurse told your mom to take a warm bath and then drink 32 oz of water and lie down for a while to see if that would stop the contractions. It didn't work.
So at 9:30 pm your momma couldn't handle it anymore, but was scared if she went to the hospital, she'd get sent home again. She asked daddy for a blessing and then made the decision to just go for it. Your mom and Dad got to the hospital at 10. Your momma was now dilated to a 2-3 and was about 75% effaced. An hour later she was dilated to a 4 so they admitted her! As soon as she was admitted, she asked for an epidural, but Dr. Brady didn't show up to give it to her till about 1:30 am Saturday morning. During that wait your mom would grab daddy's hand and arm to help her breath through each contraction.
Since your mommy is so short, Dr. Brady had a hard time getting the epidural in between the vertebrae. It took him a couple tries, but he got it and immediately your mom felt her toes get all warm. Pretty soon she was relieved of the painful contractions, but was being made fun of by Aunt Jamie and Grandma Mary for itching her face and arms nonstop. Momma had to wear an oxygen mask too because your heart rate was dropping, which only made the itchiness worse.
The epidural machine also made a squeaking noise and at some point Jamie jokingly asked if that was the sound of a baby. This little incident will soon become the first story of your first nickname.
By 3:30 am your momma was dilated to a 7 and by 5 am she was dilated to a 10 and was 100% effaced. Your nurse Alli (best nurse of all time) called Dr. Nance and since you were still so high your momma waited an hour for you to come down before she started pushing. Dr. Nance came at 6:20 and momma pushed 3 times, counting to 10 each time during each contraction. You decided to come into the world posterior, so as your mom would push, Dr. Nance turned your little head and body around so you would come out safely. After 10 or so contractions, you arrived at 6:57 am. As soon as your mom heard your soft little cry she began crying. You were finally here and your momma couldn't have been more thrilled and more in love. Your little cry was so precious and you even squeaked when you would inhale. You are now 4 days old and you still do that. Your mom even got it on video. So now with the story of the epidural machine being mistaken for a baby and your squeaky cry, your family now calls you Squeaks, along with Maggs, Maggie, and Margaret.
Grandma Mary said you were so beautiful when you had just come out. She then commented on your cone head, which did look very silly, but only lasted a few hours. Dr. Nance showed you to your mom and she thought he was going to hand you over, but then turned around and gave you to the nurse. Mean doctor. They quickly checked you out, cleaned you up, put a hat on your cone head, and handed you over to your momma. She got to hold you for the next hour and nursed you for the first time. You were wide eyed and so content. And your momma was in heaven.

You ghen got some daddy time. And Grandpa Jim, Grandma Mary, Jamie, Camilla, and Carly all held your for a split second to snap a picture before the nurses took you for your first bath and more tests. Daddy went with you to have your first bath and Amanda, Grandpa Bastian, and Grandma Bastian all got some Maggie time after.
And that's the story of how you came into this world. The doctors and nurses all loved you and commented on how beautiful you are. Your mommy is totally obsessed with you and your daddy is convinced you will be just as smart as he is.

Now, at four days old, you sleep like an angel and love being with your mommy (and daddy).

So my dearest Maggie, I love and adore you. You have changed my world and I could not be more enchanted by your sweetness.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dear Baby Girl Letter #2

Dear Baby Girl,

I've been meaning to write again for a while, but usually end up reading a book, watching Netflix or Hulu, or sleeping. Right now I've been watching Switched At Birth on Netflix (which your father is totally mortified by and would be so embarrassed if he knew I was confessing to this). 

I can't believe we only have 6 weeks left before your big debut. Some days I want it to come sooner than that, but then other days I have anxiety about not being ready. I did convince your daddy, after a moment of meltdown, that we needed a crib and car-seat. So on April 5 we left work early and went up to Ikea and Buy Buy Baby to get the essentials. I was able to put your crib and dresser together while listening to conference on Saturday and I felt so much more prepared.

But now I'm starting to get anxious about all the other things we'll be needing. So maybe I'll come home with a box of diapers and wipes next time I go to Costco. 

My boasting of not being sick at all while being pregnant finally caught up with me. Two days ago my throat was scratchy and I knew it was the first sign of a cold. Now I'm completely miserable and really can't sleep. My nose just runs, my eyes are all watery, and I can't breathe. Luckily I've been able to leave work early the last two days and I called my doctor today and he said I would be fine taking Sudafed. I also picked up a humidifier, so I'm hopeful tonight will be a better night than the last two.

Well my little girl, you are still moving like crazy and kicking me in my ribs, which has convinced daddy that you'll be a little soccer player like him. It's fun watching you move around in there and I am just in awe at the miracle of all this. A part of me is completely terrified of being your mom, but then another part of me is completely ecstatic. I cannot wait to meet you. We are going to be the best buddies. And your dad is going to spoil you rotten. 

Your first vacation is already planned to Bear Lake at the end of June. I'm excited to relax and hang out with you at the lake. And you are going to have the attention of everyone. You are going to have 4 aunts that will love and spoil you up there. And every other day when I am at work. 

I'm also working on a book about you and your family. Your grandma started a journal for me when I was just a baby and it is so precious to me now. I hope this book will be the same for you. I'm writing about your family history and thinking of Grandpa Emmett today. It's his birthday and we all miss him so much. I'm sad you won't get to meet him down here, but who knows...maybe you've already met him :) He is the best grandpa anyone could have and boy did he love his grandchildren. You are going to be a part of a remarkable group of families and that comforts me; even with the scary things happening in the world, both your mom and dad have fabulous families that will always protect you, guide you, and love you.

Keep growing healthy and strong. And I will try and get lots of rest so I will feel better soon. 

Love, your momma

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Latest Discoveries

I have recently discovered (and re-discovered) a few amazing things and wanted to document. Or share with any of you that still look at my little neglectful blog. I have these dreams of making it all cute and snazzy...but they're still in that pile of dreams.

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo. Oh, how did I ever live without you?? Oh wait, I did for my entire life until now and I washed my hair almost daily. If I didn't I put it up in a bun on the day I didn't wash it, I worried about it turning into a greaseball by the end of the day. 

2. This little beauty. Now we just celebrated our 3 year anniversary and just barely bought a printer. Before I would print the few things I needed at school or work. I mean, once in a while it was stressful, but it worked. Then I got put into primary and 6 months later I was dying without a printer. So I used some of my cash back from Discover and got this little Epson printer for $30.00 Best $30.00 I ever spent. 

3. Along with my new printer, I rediscovered something I got years ago when I was working up at the Scrapbook Expo. Now I get to laminate all the primary stuff I print for the primary songs and I don't even have to leave my house. The amazing Purple Cows Laminator.

4. When I was in Thailand in 2006 I ate quite a bit of this candy and brought some home for my family. But then I forgot about it. And then I started seeing it everywhere! So I bought myself some. And I'm addicted. P.S. They sell these in bulk at the Orem Costco, but not Spanish Fork (lame). The amazing Hi-Chew fruit chew. Better than a Starburst or Mamba. Almost like a gum. You could really chew these for a long time.

5. I recently was invited to a Norwex party and my good friend graciously let me borrow her Norwex cloth for a day before I decided to buy my own (they are a little pricey). Before I actually tried it, I looked online and tried to see what others said. I read about e-cloths (they're cheaper and I may try those too). But I am telling you, this Norwex cloth is amazing. I cleaned my tub faucet with it that had soap residue all over it. I've tried other stuff and it would not come off. This cloth (with a little bit of the paste) took it right off. And I love that it's just a cloth with some hot water (and some paste for the really tough stuff). I also had this weird stain on my tile that I also could never get off. Easily came off with this beauty. Okay, I'll stop the rant now. 

And there you have it. Have any of you tried these things or similar stuff? Because I'm always looking for new genius discoveries (yes, candy is a genius discovery).

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Baby Girl

I have to give credit to the idea behind this post to Nicole. I have been meaning to write for months now, but wanted to get my pictures uploaded to make this more interesting...but clearly that is not happening. So here it goes.

Dear Baby Girl,

We have arrived to the half-way point and it feels great. You aren't making me sick anymore and I have actually enjoyed eating these last few weeks. It's crazy to think that the first trimester I was teaching cute little 7th graders and snotty little 8th graders. I am glad to be done with that now and have enjoyed being back in the office. 

People at work are finally beginning to notice I have an added little bump so it's still fun telling people. I've been told this month is the best during pregnancy and I really do feel great. Except when I have to lie flat on my back, which has happened twice these last few weeks. Once at the dentist and once today at the Ultrasound. Both were quite the exciting story, so I need to document it. Hopefully it will make you laugh someday. 

Dentist chairs are not made for pregnant women. Being on my back while my teeth were getting cleaned and my feet were above my head was not the greatest experience. About 30 min. in (there was a lot of waiting beforehand) I suddenly felt lightheaded, clammy and dizzy. I raised my hand to say I wasn't feeling well so she stopped and lifted the chair just a little bit. (I know now I need to lie on my side when this happens). It was not going away and the next thing I knew, two women were yelling my name and telling me to keep breathing. I responded with something like, "It's okay, I'm awake." Apparently you, my little baby girl, like to squash my inferior vena cava which stops blood flow and makes me pass out. So thanks for that :) I think I freaked the lady out because I was shaking when I passed out so she thought I was having a seizure. After about 10 min. I started feeling better again.

Now fast forward to today getting my ultrasound. I was nervous going into it because I was going to be on my back for about 45 min. I was feeling okay for the first 30, but then I needed to switch to my side. That only helped so much and eventually my breakfast came back up. That was embarrassing, but I didn't pass out this time. You are quite the stubborn girl and wouldn't cooperate so it was taking longer. You kept crossing your legs or bending them up into your hips. You wouldn't move your hands from the front of your face and you would not hold still! Ever! So if you are already this stubborn and wiggly, then your dad and I are in for a treat.

Speaking of being wiggly, daddy felt you move for the first time tonight. It was pretty special. I love feeling you move right now. It's not painful and it reminds me you are there and okay. It is such a relief to know that you are healthy and strong and I feel so blessed to be your mama. 

Now for a quick bullet list of how things have changed since being pregnant:

  • Soda does not really taste good to me anymore. I still have a diet coke once or twice a week, but that only started recently. You have made me crave water. all. the. time. And I hope that doesn't change, because I feel much healthier :)
  • Sleeping is annoying. I think I convinced your daddy for a king size bed for our anniversary next month because our hand-me-down 10+ year old mattress is just not cutting it. I was a stomach/back sleeper, but not anymore thanks to you baby girl.
  • I finally went off my cut-in-half Unisom on Christmas Day (only because I forgot it when we went to Logan...I was super nervous to go without it, but I think by week 16 I was finally ready). Up until then, it saved me.
  • The first thing I craved was a baked potato. After a week of them, that phase was over. 
  • I loved cheese before, but I LOVE cheese now. For the first trimester I made your daddy buy me the fake american cheese. I loved that stuff. But I tried a slice the other day and almost gagged, so apparently we're over that now.
  • Salads are really hard to swallow, but it's becoming easier.
  • Carnation instant breakfast saved your mama. Only breakfast I can get down.
  • Brushing my teeth is getting easier, but my gag reflex really got me on that one. I had to be super careful in the mornings if I didn't want stomach acid coming up.
  • Even though you've made my belly and boobs get bigger, I still have only gained 1 pound. The doctor keeps assuring me that it's okay, so I will trust him.

Well I think this is long enough for today. Perhaps next time I'll post pictures, but at least you'll have some in your scrapbook. I did actually scrapbook last weekend and it felt great. I sure do love you and can't wait to see you. 4 1/2 months to go. We can do it.

Love your mommy.