Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ragnar 2012 - "Run Slow Ski Fast"

Emily's a runner you ask? No she is not. But I am always up for a challenge so last year I agreed to do it with my cousins. It was a first for most, if not all of us. I got to take the easiest leg thanks to my high school hip injury/surgery.

I was in Van 2 so we got to sleep in and I was super happy about that! (since I do not do well with little sleep...just ask Colonel Brandon).

First leg: 4.0 miles at 12:30 pm. Outcome: 40 minutes and major sunburn (sorry dad, I forgot the sunscreen). But I felt the best after this run.

Second leg: 3.6 miles at 11:30 pm. Outcome: stopped to let a guy use my phone after he tore his mcl. Jogged uphill for 3.4 miles and maybe downhill for .2. BRUTAL and my knees killed afterwards.

Third leg: 4.1 miles at 9:30 am. Outcome: very very tired. and sore sore knees.

Finish time: 33.5 hours and finished 410/800 mixed teams. I think that's pretty sweet. Out of the 1,100 total teams we just wanted to finished in the top 1,000 and we did it!

So here's some pics to sum it up.

 My fabulous team (taken during my final run)
 My cheesiness waiting for the slap bracelet hand off for my final leg!
Finish Line - Sam (in the pink) was the champ and came across the finish line strong! Her details about it here.

 Van 2!

Ragnar 2013? already signed up. Ragnar 2013 LADIES style coming up!!! Without the strong boy cousins...I'm thinking we won't beat our 33.5 hour finish, but hopefully I won't drag us down too much!

Monday, June 25, 2012

New New Table!

So I am just awful at taking pictures and putting them on in a blog post. A few weeks ago the amazing Korrie Bastian (my sister-in-law) re-did my table I inherited from my parents. She posted about it on her fabulous blog here.

Thanks so much Korrie for making my table amazing!