Saturday, May 26, 2012

One of those awkward moments

So I am not usually one to go out in public in my pj's. But today I cleaned my house, my parent's house, did 3 loads of laundry, and I completed my second day of the insanity work out. I've been trying to keep myself busy while Colonel Brandon is at work all day. By 6 I had finally showered but didn't see the need to put on makeup, dry my hair, or put on a bra. 

Now what to do? I'll get a red box. Walgreens is just down the street and I never see anyone I know there. I'll just be super fast.

I get in line and turn around as someone is approaching. 

Taylor. In his fishing attire. Our mouths hang open and the conversation goes something like this. 

T: well I should have dressed up. 

M: um...look at me? (Actually don't look at me.) 

T: (laughing) I guess I should put my wedding ring on. 

M: well at least I remembered that. 

Come to find out we were both spouseless for the night and looking for a movie. He was looking for a zombie movie. I was looking for New Years Eve. Colonel Brandon refuses to watch it ever since I made him watch Valentines Day on our honeymoon...good one Em. 

So I got back in my car totally embarrassed. Of course I see the kid who was my first freshman crush back in science class and my first high school dance date.

Sorry Taylor and good luck at med school (not that you'll even read this). 

Next time I'll put on a bra.


Angel said...

hahahaha! I love it! That always seems to happen the 1 time you do it. P.S. I'm doing insanity too! Its fun huh? Killer, but fun. I've done 3 weeks but this last week I didn't get many of them in because school has been taking up all of my free time. I try though! We can do them together when I come to Utah if you want....though I probably don't want anyone watching me try to attempt some of those moves. ha!

m & k said...

hahaha oh man! that's classic. but to be fair.. I go places all the time without a bra! it's awesome! haha

wisp said...

The poor ups guy has seen me in pj's a lot, right after a shower, in the middle of working out, crying cause I hurt my back, and ill. xD I feel your pain. ;) And if I look nice I never see people I know, only if I look meh. Lol.