Monday, April 23, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My name is

So I was a little frustrated when I posted the last post...if you couldn't tell. This last week I have thought a lot about names. You hear stories about living up to your family name, but I never really understood that fully until now. Your name means a lot. Your name is supposed to be the one thing that is yours only, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Maybe that is why giving your child a "new" and unique name is so common now.

When I was little I remember having a conversation about my last name, Lundberg. My mom is the only girl in her family so her name changed when she got married. Well all my cousins had the last name Emmett. And I wanted to be like them and write my last name in cursive with all the pretty flowing m's and crossed t's. But instead I had to attempt Lundberg in cursive. You should try it sometime. It's super hard. And eventually went to Lundg for my signature. But instead of my dad being offended that his last name was not good enough, he reassured me that my name was special. Lundberg is a Swedish name and was given to one of my great-grandfathers who was a Knight and given the surname Lundberg. (Yes, even for a little girl that was cool). And Lund means mountain and berg means forest or grove. Even if he was just making this up, I began to love my name.

And now my last name is Bastian. I love my last name. I love the way my name sounds. Emily Bastian. And it's much easier to sign my name now. And it comes from Denmark. Another great grandfather was given the name Bastian for doing a favor for the king. It comes from Bastion, which means stronghold. Now that is neat.

So even if these are just stories, they show how important names are. They will be with you forever. Names describe people. Names hold everything about a person. When you say a name of someone you know, or don't know, assumptions are made and ideas are formed of what that person may be like. And sometimes people with the same name can be confused for someone else.

That is why this week has been strange and difficult. It makes me realize more than ever how important names are and how we need to respect and honor them through through what we do and say.