Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Frustrations=the Jazz + BYU

This week has just been one of those weeks where I cannot win. It does not help when I try to buy anything on BYU campus. Now before I get into this, please don't be offended if you have every worked or know anyone that works at BYU (specifically talking student jobs). BYU employees are SO SLOW AT THEIR JOBS! (yes - I am making a generalization here). Two examples from my life in the last week: last Wednesday I was finishing up some Spanish homework before heading up to my class at the SLCenter. I had not had lunch and was starving so I figured, oh I'll grab something at the "grab-and-go" on my way to the car. So I pick up a sandwich and drink and turn around to a line of 5 or 6 people. There is one of two registers open and I see three employees. One is at the register but mysteriously disappears to get something; I have know idea what. I wait for a couple minutes but angrily put my food back and leave because the same dude is still standing up at the register and the other register is still closed with the other two employees gabbing about who knows what as they refill napkins and the third employee is still doing her disappearing act. Seriously people? There's now 9 people waiting in line and this is the "grab" and "GO."

Fast forward to yesterday. It's 4:15 and again I have not had lunch. I'm running from class to get back to work and stop to get a Jamba Juice. Bad idea. They are always SO SLOW! And it doesn't help when your drink is finally getting poured into a cup and spills all over the counter and floor so it has to get remade! Waiting 15 minutes while they slowly scoop the fruit into the blender. for the second time. is super annoying.

Since when did the whole pleasing the customer go out the window at BYU. If only they weren't so oblivious, maybe they'd speed it up a bit or LOSE THEIR JOB! So there it is. My rant.

Oh and why is Harris still in the game?

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wisp said...

xD You crack me up!
When I was at BYU it was that way, too. The grab and go wasn't much faster than the rest of the cafeteria. Sometimes if I went to that little part of the bookstore I could get something more quickly. *If* the employees weren't slow cause they were also watching the tv mounted up on the wall. -_-
I only would stop at Jamba Juice if I were on my way home. And the bus wouldn't be there for an hour. And I hadn't eaten all day. Lol.
My favorite thing though was when I'd get there early in the morning (my bus schedule was dumb and I would have to end up at BYU at 7 a.m. to make it for my 8 a.m. class) and the lines were all short cause most people don't care about breakfast these days and I would go to that place that makes burgers and such for lunch and dinner and get french toast with strawberry sauce on top. :D Sometimes I'd get scrambled eggs or bacon or something, too, but usually I could just afford the french toast. I love strawberries so it always hit the spot for me. :) Good times.