Saturday, October 6, 2012

Service Agreement

Having a father that is a lawyer and a husband that is also a lawyer (Congrats to Colonel Brandon for passing the bar!) makes for some clever announcement ideas. To tell my family the good news, Colonel Brandon created a contract for my dad to read and sign (and then created one for my mom). We were taking family pictures this morning anyway, so we decided the announcement would be fun to catch on camera. Kim did an amazing job and we are so excited to see all the pictures. As soon as we all got there we handed them to my parents to hurry and read and sign. My mom thought it was some agreement from the photographer so it worked great. Eventually they stopped saying, "Oh my heck, you've got to be kidding me," and we all explained to my sisters what was going on. 


This Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Jim F. Lundberg who resides at  (“Jim”) and the family of Brandon Bastian, who resides at  (“Bastian Family.”)


1.  Purpose

The purpose of this agreement is to more specifically set forth the responsibilities of each party to this agreement.

2.  Definitions

2.1       “Lundberg Residence” means the legal residence of Jim and his family.

2.2       “Loyalty” means giving benefit of the doubt, defending, supporting, uplifting and otherwise acting in accordance with the definition of the word loyalty. 

3.  Responsibilities of Jim

Jim shall:

a. Retain on his person snacks, candy or gum that can be easily distributed, at need, to any member of the Bastian Family.

b. Maintain Loyalty to each and every member of the Bastian Family.

c. Maintain the Lundberg Residence, including the grounds of the Lundberg Residence, with all due care, removing anything that may cause injury to members of the Bastian Family.  This includes any attractive nuisances that may be on or within the Lundberg Residence.  A more specific list of dangerous items may be found in Exhibit A, which is attached to this document.

d.  Maintain a 72-hour supply of snacks at the Lundberg Residence at all times.

e. Provide transportation for members of the Bastian Family if at any time members of the Bastian Family are in need of such transportation.

f. Excitedly and exuberantly celebrate any and all holidays, vacations and birthdays with members of the Bastian Family.  This includes purchasing presents, when appropriate for the applicable celebratory day, to give to members of the Bastian Family.

g. Attend any and all sporting events that members of the Bastian Family participate in or are a party to. 

h. Attend any and all musical or theatrical productions or concerts that members of the Bastian Family participate in.

i. Supervise, play with, feed, clean and care for any member of the Bastian Family that is placed in his care at no charge.

j. Purchase new and popular toys for members of the Bastian Family to play with at the Lundberg residence.  These toys must be kept in good condition and Jim shall maintain them with all due care.

k. Designate a toy room or closet where members of the Bastian Family may easily find these toys.

l. Give members of the Bastian Family $5 per letter “A” or “A-” grades.  This amount will increase in amount by 3% per year.

m. Theatrically tell the same story, to be chosen by Jim, at least once a year to members of the Bastian Family.

n. Not disagree with or contradict Brandon or Emily Bastian, members of the Bastian Family, in the presence of other members of the Bastian Family.

o. Accept being called “Grandpa” by every member of the Bastian Family.

4.  Responsibilities of the Bastian Family

Brandon and Emily Bastian, members of the Bastian Family, shall allow Jim to hold, play with, care for and otherwise love all subsequent members of the Bastian Family born into the Bastian Family after the signing of this agreement, beginning with the new member that should arrive sometime in June 2013.

____________________________                                                                __________________
Jim F. Lundberg                                                                                              Date

____________________________                                                                __________________
Brandon Bastian                                                                                             Date

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today we started Stargirl in my 8th grade classes. I came prepared in a long white dress. I wanted the students to experience similar thoughts about me as the characters did about Stargirl the first time they saw her. I was disappointed I didn't have a Ukulele to complete the outfit.

It was fun hearing their comments and discussing the conformity of our school. In the first chapter Leo describes other outfits of Stargirl's--one of them being a flapper dress. My students did not know what a flapper dress was. I told them I had one and explained what it was. Then I mentioned I would wear it to school tomorrow.

Lucas, the 9th grade TA in the back whipped around and said "You'd wear that to school?"

I don't think the 8th graders fully grasped the conversation.

Gotta love the awkward moments like that.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ragnar 2012 - "Run Slow Ski Fast"

Emily's a runner you ask? No she is not. But I am always up for a challenge so last year I agreed to do it with my cousins. It was a first for most, if not all of us. I got to take the easiest leg thanks to my high school hip injury/surgery.

I was in Van 2 so we got to sleep in and I was super happy about that! (since I do not do well with little sleep...just ask Colonel Brandon).

First leg: 4.0 miles at 12:30 pm. Outcome: 40 minutes and major sunburn (sorry dad, I forgot the sunscreen). But I felt the best after this run.

Second leg: 3.6 miles at 11:30 pm. Outcome: stopped to let a guy use my phone after he tore his mcl. Jogged uphill for 3.4 miles and maybe downhill for .2. BRUTAL and my knees killed afterwards.

Third leg: 4.1 miles at 9:30 am. Outcome: very very tired. and sore sore knees.

Finish time: 33.5 hours and finished 410/800 mixed teams. I think that's pretty sweet. Out of the 1,100 total teams we just wanted to finished in the top 1,000 and we did it!

So here's some pics to sum it up.

 My fabulous team (taken during my final run)
 My cheesiness waiting for the slap bracelet hand off for my final leg!
Finish Line - Sam (in the pink) was the champ and came across the finish line strong! Her details about it here.

 Van 2!

Ragnar 2013? already signed up. Ragnar 2013 LADIES style coming up!!! Without the strong boy cousins...I'm thinking we won't beat our 33.5 hour finish, but hopefully I won't drag us down too much!

Monday, June 25, 2012

New New Table!

So I am just awful at taking pictures and putting them on in a blog post. A few weeks ago the amazing Korrie Bastian (my sister-in-law) re-did my table I inherited from my parents. She posted about it on her fabulous blog here.

Thanks so much Korrie for making my table amazing!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

One of those awkward moments

So I am not usually one to go out in public in my pj's. But today I cleaned my house, my parent's house, did 3 loads of laundry, and I completed my second day of the insanity work out. I've been trying to keep myself busy while Colonel Brandon is at work all day. By 6 I had finally showered but didn't see the need to put on makeup, dry my hair, or put on a bra. 

Now what to do? I'll get a red box. Walgreens is just down the street and I never see anyone I know there. I'll just be super fast.

I get in line and turn around as someone is approaching. 

Taylor. In his fishing attire. Our mouths hang open and the conversation goes something like this. 

T: well I should have dressed up. 

M: um...look at me? (Actually don't look at me.) 

T: (laughing) I guess I should put my wedding ring on. 

M: well at least I remembered that. 

Come to find out we were both spouseless for the night and looking for a movie. He was looking for a zombie movie. I was looking for New Years Eve. Colonel Brandon refuses to watch it ever since I made him watch Valentines Day on our honeymoon...good one Em. 

So I got back in my car totally embarrassed. Of course I see the kid who was my first freshman crush back in science class and my first high school dance date.

Sorry Taylor and good luck at med school (not that you'll even read this). 

Next time I'll put on a bra.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A bug turned on the light?

Funny of the day:
Sitting on the back deck, Mac saw a cord hanging down from the wall. He then saw the outlet covered by a plastic case and put the two together.

Me: "What are you doing Macky?"

As he opens the case and plugs in the Christmas light.

Me: "You turned on the lights!"

Case shuts and pulls the chord out.

Me: "oh you unplugged the lights."

Mac: "A bug? A bug turned on the lights?" As he squints his eyes and looks all around him.

Me: "no, you unplugged the lights when you shut the case."

Mac: "A bug turned on the lights? Where's a bug?"

I laughed and smiled. Oh the joys of being a kid.

Awkward of the day:
And then as I drove home I was stopped at a light and looked to the van next to me. A very angry woman was yelling at her husband in the seat next to her. I quickly looked away feeling like I had just intruded.

Note to self: never yell at Colonel Brandon when stopped at a red light.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Don't like them much right now

I always thought I wanted to be an English intern like some of my favorite teachers growing up. I was going to be fabulous. Young, vibrant, energetic. Then I went to college year after year. I was so not as cool as the other people in my program. I made a decision to be a student teacher rather than an intern. I was too busy with work and school and I didn't feel like I had the grades or the cheery personality. 

Then in April I was approached by one of my professors and the English Ed. secretary. Another internship had opened at Mapleton Jr. High and they thought I was the perfect candidate (since I was 1 of 3 people in my program not interning it wasn't that amazing...) 

I was flattered really. Brandon was finishing law school and hadn't yet found a job, so I figured we'd be staying in Utah and I'd be making money for a year. Very little money, but money nonetheless. I interviewed and was thrilled. I filled out the paperwork at the district and I told my boss I'd be done in August. 

Then last week another decision. 

I was given an offer. An offer I could not refuse. 

This offer would still allow me to student teach for three months and have a full time position at the company I've been with for the last two years when I got done in November. 

 I still get to graduate. 

 I will make more than double I would as an intern. 

I will have greater job security. 

Way way way less stressful because I will just get to keep doing what I've been doing. 

 And I would be happy doing Human Resources or teaching. I really do enjoy them both equally and for different reasons. 

 I weighed the pros and cons. I talked to lots of people and all of them saw this new offer as a better offer. 

But could I really give up teaching? And give up on the rewarding job I have worked so hard to finally get? 

 I am not giving up teaching. 

I'm still graduating in teaching and maybe someday I will teach full time. But right now will not be that time. 

I then had to tell the district, the principal, and the English Ed. secretary of the change. 

Now I'm dealing with the guilt. I hate that I am being told my contract was "binding." And their are no interns left. And the budget is already set in stone. 

 Really? changes and decisions happen all the time. 

I hope three months will give the district enough time to find my replacement. 

 But for now the decision to stay on as HR director is my decision. 

And I am happy with it. I just hope this (big) decision making phase ends sooner rather than later.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My name is

So I was a little frustrated when I posted the last post...if you couldn't tell. This last week I have thought a lot about names. You hear stories about living up to your family name, but I never really understood that fully until now. Your name means a lot. Your name is supposed to be the one thing that is yours only, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Maybe that is why giving your child a "new" and unique name is so common now.

When I was little I remember having a conversation about my last name, Lundberg. My mom is the only girl in her family so her name changed when she got married. Well all my cousins had the last name Emmett. And I wanted to be like them and write my last name in cursive with all the pretty flowing m's and crossed t's. But instead I had to attempt Lundberg in cursive. You should try it sometime. It's super hard. And eventually went to Lundg for my signature. But instead of my dad being offended that his last name was not good enough, he reassured me that my name was special. Lundberg is a Swedish name and was given to one of my great-grandfathers who was a Knight and given the surname Lundberg. (Yes, even for a little girl that was cool). And Lund means mountain and berg means forest or grove. Even if he was just making this up, I began to love my name.

And now my last name is Bastian. I love my last name. I love the way my name sounds. Emily Bastian. And it's much easier to sign my name now. And it comes from Denmark. Another great grandfather was given the name Bastian for doing a favor for the king. It comes from Bastion, which means stronghold. Now that is neat.

So even if these are just stories, they show how important names are. They will be with you forever. Names describe people. Names hold everything about a person. When you say a name of someone you know, or don't know, assumptions are made and ideas are formed of what that person may be like. And sometimes people with the same name can be confused for someone else.

That is why this week has been strange and difficult. It makes me realize more than ever how important names are and how we need to respect and honor them through through what we do and say.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Remember Bigger or Better???

I am in an Entrepreneur class at BYU and we have been assigned to play bigger or better. Want to play too? Here's what I have: A brand new Li Lash (like Latisse and worth $139.99)

Do you want long, thick eyelashes? Well here is your chance!!!
What do you have that you could trade me that is bigger and better?
Email me or make a comment if you think you have something!

Monday, February 13, 2012

quiet goodness must persevere

I just read this and it touched my little heart. 
"Quiet goodness must persevere" (Elder Neal A. Maxwell). 

Read the entire article here.

I hope we can all remember that, especially me when I'm driving in the car.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I Am A Stress Sleeper

Colonel Brandon told me this morning that I was a stress sleeper. I told him it's better than a stress eater though right?

Last night we watched the Superbowl. We were both rooting for the Patriots. Two years ago I could have cared less about football, even a year ago I was not that into it. But being married to Colonel Brandon I should have known that couldn't last long. This year I was invested. Fully invested. Yes, I do tend to side with Colonel Brandon because he has so many facts up in that head of his that it would be hard not to agree as to why he favors certain teams and players. What I like about his reasoning is that he likes the good guys. He likes the guys that are not just naturally talented or the guys that everyone else loves. He likes who he likes, but he bases it off of what he studies. Seriously, he studies these players. He knows who they're married to, what pick they were in the draft (or if they were drafted at all), how many kids they have, etc.

So when Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints fell short of making it to the Superbowl (tear), Colonel Brandon turned to Tom Brady, who he also loves and I love to (and no, not because he is good looking).

So the start of the game last night wasn't the best. Colonel Brandon could give you a much better play by play of the game, so I won't even try. I will say though that I still love Tom Brady. And I will still cheer them on. I don't care that he's already won three Superbowls. And I don't care that he has a supermodel for a wife. He still is one of the best quarterbacks of all time and I will fight that claim to everyone (including my dad). So props to the Giants and Eli (he was my fantasy quarterback this season). You did it again, but it hasn't convinced me that you're a better team or a better quarterback. I'm not a hater, but I am a little sad.

And yes a tear was shed last night. So thanks Colonel Brandon for helping me love the NFL. I never thought I'd see the day, but I'm glad it's here. Even though I fell asleep at 9 last night. So yes, I guess you could say I sleep when I'm stressed.

So if you have differing opinions please be warned that if they are shared in front of me, I will forever defend the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Best Pictures of 2011

Brandon and I were recently featured on the amazing Justin Hackworth's photography blog as one of the many amazing photos in Justin's best pictures of 2011 post. Can you find us? (We're super little).

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Frustrations=the Jazz + BYU

This week has just been one of those weeks where I cannot win. It does not help when I try to buy anything on BYU campus. Now before I get into this, please don't be offended if you have every worked or know anyone that works at BYU (specifically talking student jobs). BYU employees are SO SLOW AT THEIR JOBS! (yes - I am making a generalization here). Two examples from my life in the last week: last Wednesday I was finishing up some Spanish homework before heading up to my class at the SLCenter. I had not had lunch and was starving so I figured, oh I'll grab something at the "grab-and-go" on my way to the car. So I pick up a sandwich and drink and turn around to a line of 5 or 6 people. There is one of two registers open and I see three employees. One is at the register but mysteriously disappears to get something; I have know idea what. I wait for a couple minutes but angrily put my food back and leave because the same dude is still standing up at the register and the other register is still closed with the other two employees gabbing about who knows what as they refill napkins and the third employee is still doing her disappearing act. Seriously people? There's now 9 people waiting in line and this is the "grab" and "GO."

Fast forward to yesterday. It's 4:15 and again I have not had lunch. I'm running from class to get back to work and stop to get a Jamba Juice. Bad idea. They are always SO SLOW! And it doesn't help when your drink is finally getting poured into a cup and spills all over the counter and floor so it has to get remade! Waiting 15 minutes while they slowly scoop the fruit into the blender. for the second time. is super annoying.

Since when did the whole pleasing the customer go out the window at BYU. If only they weren't so oblivious, maybe they'd speed it up a bit or LOSE THEIR JOB! So there it is. My rant.

Oh and why is Harris still in the game?