Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There will come a day...

when I am not in school. I have to keep telling myself that. I absolutely love the months of November-February. The weather is marvelous; I get to wear my scarves; Colonel Brandon and I celebrate both of our birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, Valentines Day, and our anniversary. It is a glorious time of year that is squashed and extinguished by homework, papers, and exams.

I agonize over my to do list, but in the back of my mind I'm just wanting to put up my Christmas tree, wrap presents and tie beautiful bows on them, and spend time with Colonel Brandon looking at lights and snuggling in our freezing house.

But then reality hits and I have to force myself to stay up past my ten o'clock bedtime and pound out the 12 page research papers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

sexual harassment

In a meeting last week Todd said we needed to have a sexual harassment training.

He said this whole Penn State has been making him think.

Being the Human Resources Rep. I was asked to head it up.

Instead of choosing to show a lame video they did a couple years ago, I decided I'd just talk about it.

I did a little research...and put together a document (copied one from the payroll service we use). Don't worry I gave credit where credit was due and I had permission.

I've held three meetings thus far and have one more to go before all 100 employees know what they need to know (should already know).

I am beginning to think this part-time job is leaning towards a full-time job. I like the responsibility, but not when I am always worried about school. Let's just hope the employees are all good boys and girls and don't give me grief when it comes to harassment paperwork.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My special day: 11/11/11

I was born on November 11, 1986 to goodly parents. I was the first baby and I was two weeks late. For some reason I wouldn't come out (my mom blames it on my big head). I am glad I was born in November though. I love this time of year when I can wear boots and scarves. I love the anticipation of the upcoming holidays and spending time with family.

Many years my mom would always get a picture of me with the flag that was placed in our front yard to remind us all of the sacrifices of many to protect our land and our rights. I don't think I have been as grateful as I should be to share my special day with the many Veterans that serve our country.

This year was a little different. While both of my grandpa's served in the military, it was long before I was ever around so to me they were always just grandpa. Then I married Brandon and became a part of a new family. I now have a father-in-law who served in the Vietnam war and a brother-in-law who will be returning to Afghanistan in a few days. So this year as I walked across campus to my class and I saw a few hundred men dressed in their military uniforms I felt an overwhelming sense of pride to share my birthday with such great people. So happy (belated) Veterans Day to all those that have served, currently serve, or will serve in the military. Thank you for your courage and sacrifice.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Acorn hats

(photo c/o Sue Pierce)

The other day as I walked to my 8 0'clock Spanish class, I began seeing acorns on the ground and then i saw their missing hats. I began awkwardly smiling to myself -- the kind of smile that if people saw they would think I was a little nutty.

Suddenly I was back in New England walking down the long, house-less roads of Maine. My companions and I always looked forward to the fall days of stepping on acorn hats. See, the endless walking can get a little boring and sometimes talking is not enough, so we would resort to seeking out the tops of acorns that had popped off and turned upside down. When you would put your weight on them they would crack and break beneath your feet. Finding a bunch of 2 or 3 stuck together was always a highlight worth sharing with each other. It was a little pleasure really -- one that others would not fully enjoy. It was one of nostalgic moments and it made my morning walk to class a little more enjoyable.