Monday, December 5, 2011

I am one of those people

I remember seeing my sister wear skinny jeans for the first time. I had been away from all things worldly in the far away land of Maine, where everyone gets their clothes at L.L.Bean. In the time I was away wearing frumpy mid-calf skirts and layers and layers of shirts and sweaters to stay warm in the bitter New England cold the fashion had definitely changed. It felt like I left when short shirts that barely hit the belt loops of your pants were the "in" thing and long Sevens jeans that flared out at the bottom were what everyone wished they had.

And now I come home to this? What are these? I thought tapered pants were long gone, unless you were a middle-aged guy. But these are not just tapered pants, these are tight. Like how did you get this on tight. Yet I found myself 6 months later buying my first pair of "skinny jeans" from the Gap no less. Seriously? Oh it gets worse, just wait.

Soon skinny jeans were no longer tight enough on the legs. They didn't squash the thigh fat in tight enough, so they decided to make "jeggings." Genius. Leggings from the 80's mixed with stretchy jean material. Last year Black Friday came around and I bought two pair from Old Navy. $15.00 each. I was pretty thrilled to think I could buy jeans for $15.00 instead of $50.00. The only problem is that the tightness of the somewhat thick jean material pinches my skin behind the knee if I try to sit indian style for too long. The great thing is I can wear them with any shoe imaginable.

It used to be that I would have jeans that I could wear with flat shoes, but not heals. Because they would be too short. And then I had jeans that I could only wear with heals because they would drag with flats and I was no longer in junior high when it was cool to lose the bottom two inches of your pants on the back hem from the constant wear on the pavement.

Now skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings. You can wear them with boots, flats, heels, sandals, etc, etc. So I caved.

I own two pairs of leggings that I do in fact wear in public. But let me make it clear that 1. I only own thick black leggings, none of the shear light colored stuff that are basically tights. and 2. Outside my house I only where them with a shirt long enough to cover the behind. I have to keep some modesty here.

So there is my confession. I am sorry Amanda for judging you and your skinny jeans. Because now I am someone that other people probably judge when they see me sporting my leggings.


LauraP said...

Emily you are so cute! I'm always admiring you and your sisters super cute style.... I will take all of your wardrobes in a heart beat. I haven't sported the "leggings" or "jeggings" yet but I want to.... do they make them for fat pregnant girls?!

Kirby and Jes Childress said...

Did you hear the BYU Idaho just outlawed skinny jeans?! Yeah, apparently there's a huge outrage because the testing center workers have taken a high and mighty road claiming that they are too form-fitting. You should look it up, it's getting pretty intense up there...