Wednesday, November 16, 2011

sexual harassment

In a meeting last week Todd said we needed to have a sexual harassment training.

He said this whole Penn State has been making him think.

Being the Human Resources Rep. I was asked to head it up.

Instead of choosing to show a lame video they did a couple years ago, I decided I'd just talk about it.

I did a little research...and put together a document (copied one from the payroll service we use). Don't worry I gave credit where credit was due and I had permission.

I've held three meetings thus far and have one more to go before all 100 employees know what they need to know (should already know).

I am beginning to think this part-time job is leaning towards a full-time job. I like the responsibility, but not when I am always worried about school. Let's just hope the employees are all good boys and girls and don't give me grief when it comes to harassment paperwork.

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