Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Acorn hats

(photo c/o Sue Pierce)

The other day as I walked to my 8 0'clock Spanish class, I began seeing acorns on the ground and then i saw their missing hats. I began awkwardly smiling to myself -- the kind of smile that if people saw they would think I was a little nutty.

Suddenly I was back in New England walking down the long, house-less roads of Maine. My companions and I always looked forward to the fall days of stepping on acorn hats. See, the endless walking can get a little boring and sometimes talking is not enough, so we would resort to seeking out the tops of acorns that had popped off and turned upside down. When you would put your weight on them they would crack and break beneath your feet. Finding a bunch of 2 or 3 stuck together was always a highlight worth sharing with each other. It was a little pleasure really -- one that others would not fully enjoy. It was one of nostalgic moments and it made my morning walk to class a little more enjoyable.


Mary said...

I love you Emily! I can see that smile in my mind and it makes me smile!

OFA said...

Hey - I get those moments too! - the mission moments where you feel like something more substantial of you is in long, fraying skirt walking, despite the drooping knee highs, down one of those roads more familiar to you than any road you could actually be walking on... I get it when it rains. That's when I get homesick for those HARD HARD days on the mish.
Just soak in that nostalgia - poppin those acorn hats - and I'll keep walking in the rain -- if that is what keeps the presence of the memory near, I reckon there is no harm in it! Thanks for that post

Nicole Nield said...

Remember the hallow balls that would fall off the maple trees and they would pop when you stepped on them? I wish I knew what those were. p.s. I love this post. Time to do more blogging with all that free time you have!