Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Married...ha ha ha ha

As I was walking to class early in the morning I passed by two girls that were probably in the same ward back in the day and catching up on old times. The conversation went as follows:

Chica 1: Hey I was just thinking of you the other day when I was moving into [some apartment complex I didn't catch the name of] and I was remembering when I helped you move in there. Where are you living now anyway?

Chica 2: Well, (holds her left hand up super stiff in front of the girls face) I'M MARRIED!!!

(hysterical laughter by Chica 2)

As I walked past them hearing the sound of her unending laughter I was thoroughly confused. Is that a normal reaction when announcing you are married? Usually I smile...but chuckle? or laugh uncontrollably? I then thought why is she laughing? Did she just never picture herself getting married? Or does she live an alternate lifestyle so it's super funny she's married?

Weird stuff goes on walking around campus heading to my classes.

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Tamera said...

That's kind of funny. Love and miss you and your humor. :)