Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Nanny Bag

I wish I had a bag like Mary Poppins.

Since I am not magical like her, I decided to do something more realistic.

Remember when you were 13 in Achievement Days and you made babysitting kits? I remember I made one out of a wicked cool cowboy boot box from my dad. My mom helped me put that sticky paper stuff that people used back in the 90s all over the outside to make it pretty. It was a Mauve color. I then filled it with books, crayons, and paper and took it with me to my babysitting jobs.

Well who says a 24 year old is too old for that.

Introducing, my nanny bag. I raided my scrapbook room and found some paint, foam stamps and paper. I also included childrens' books I'd won from bunco (who'd have thunk?). I put in some playdough and cookie cutters and there is still plenty of room for lots of fun stuff. I also have fun ideas for the upcoming holidays which I am super excited about!

With the help of Maccy friend, we made this pretty board to hang up all the fun projects we will do twice a week.

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m & k said...

I LOVE this. :) I have a whole box full of treasures in our house.. if any kids ever came to visit us. hahaha but anywho I have ALL of my Preschool stuff still if you ever need really spectacular ideas!!