Monday, September 12, 2011

Exciting Chillsac deal

If you are in the market for a chill sac (similar to lovesac) the family I nanny for owns the company Chillsac and there is an awesome sale going on this week. The chillsacs are 50% off to celebrate the beginning of football season :) Plus I have a coupon code for additional savings. For the 5 ft. Chillsac use ac$25disc to receive $25 off your order and for the 6 ft. Chillsace use ac$disc to receive $50 off your order. The codes are good through the end of Sept.
And best of shipping!
They are super comfy and there are tons of fun colors :) Enjoy!

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Tamera said...

I only need one for newborn portraits. I really want to find a cheap used one that isn't completely deflated (need it to be able to hold up a baby...) If you know of any through them that'd be great. And just a tiny tiny one, I don't need a huge thing. :)