Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Happiest Place On Earth


Oh how I love you. I miss you already. We had a fabulous time eating the world's best corn dogs, running from ride to ride, getting pictures with the characters, and documenting it all with photos. :) My sisters posted many more on facebook, but here's a few.

I can't speak for Colonel Brandon, but I think he enjoyed himself. I hope his first time at Disneyland was a hit and I'm excited for many more trips to come.

Tower of Terror
Indiana Jones (Carly looks terrified!)

Amanda's secret crush (you should have seen her blushing when we saw Peter Pan walking towards us)

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wisp said...

Oh. My. Goodness. These pictures are so cute! =D My favorite is you and the Colonel in the toy box. xD I love it! I also love how depressed you all look on that ride while those girls are freaking out behind you. Hahaha! I'm so glad Brandon got to have his first time to Disneyland with you. ^_^