Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh the things daddy will teach the kids

The Colonel and I just finished our last final today! And somehow managed to switch cars driving back from school...I went to work, he got a haircut, then came to switch cars because he frankly hates my car. I don't feel bad though--I don't particularly care for it either.

In coming to just switch cars I convinced him to come to Carly's "opera concert" at the elementary. So we jumped in the jeep (not ours) and took the boys. 20 min. later (long before the concert was over) we headed home.

Upon approaching a police car on the side of the road, The Colonel began singing/chanting/operah-ing, "dirty cop, dirty cop, dirty cop" to which Mac began saying in his 15 month old voice, "dirty cop, dirty cop." Needless to say the Colonel was rather please with himself and said, "oh I can't wait to have kids..." or something like that. :)

Sometimes I wonder what my children will learn from their dad.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

what to do at 5 am

Since when did I wake up before 5 in the morning and not able to go back to sleep? I hope this doesn't become a habit. I would write the thank you cards I am behind on, but I don't want to wake The Colonel...our apartment is only so big. So I'm on the couch watching NCIS and Psych. Trying to go back to sleep...

Friday, December 10, 2010


If any of you have not heard Mindy Gledhill's new cd Anchor. Stop reading and go listen now. And then buy it.

Our amazingly talented wedding photographer Justin Hackworth invited The Colonel and me to a special event. Read all about it on his blog. There were giveaways (we were "given"--after somebody else had won it--the amazing Lower Lights cd (that I was so close to buying a few weeks ago), yummy chocolates and popcorn.

And we got our picture taken photobooth style and got to listen to beautiful music.

Picture by Justin Hackworth


Lately I've been obsessed with pillows. But boy are they pricey. I did get a super cute $20 one at a boutique with some birthday money last month. And then I made some yellow and orange cases a few months ago which I love. But they aren't anything fancy and they definitely aren't soft and fluffy.

If I could I would be decorative pillows with down feathers inside. Oh how nice.

But right now my little pillows with suffice. Plus leather couches are way too slippery for pillows. (Note to self: don't get slippery leather couches in the future.)

However, I would not mind one bit if I could add this little pillow to my Christmas decor.

Go here to win! (But actually don't, because I want to win)

What to do...

So I have a to do list. There are two categories: School and Christmas. All I want to do is the stuff on the Christmas side of things, but that will have to wait another week while I work on projects and finals that won't be anything spectacular. I'm trying not to take any work off so attempting to write papers in the middle of taking care of children is just a little challenging--so I just give up on the the whole school part and end up watching Modern Family or Burn Notice.

All I'm asking is for my grades to be at least B-'s. Is that too much to ask for this Christmas? I guess when I get my grades back I'll know the answer.

Or maybe I should just drop out. Or take a break? (and never go back, because that's what everyone says will happen).

The end.

And Merry Christmas! Yesterday I came home to a clean house and presents wrapped under the tree from The Colonel. I am one lucky gal. Even with the long school to do list.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh how I love the holidays: and photographs

I have heard amazing things about online Christmas card creations and Shutterfly makes beautiful Christmas cards, books, calendars and so many other things. They are having an amazing deal of 50 free Christmas cards with a blog post.

I saw the information from Dancing Toad Photography, which is created by one of my friends from high school. She has an adorable family and is an amazing photographer. Here's some stuff Shutterfly does so you can display all your favorite pictures. And send them to friends and family for Christmas.


Here's some of my favorites.

Love, love, love the colored snowflakes and the one below with the Joy to You on the front.

I absolutely love this one and I think it's the winner for this years Christmas card. We are going to include my moms favorite picture from my wedding earlier this year.

I really want to make one of
these. From the time I can remember my mom always made photo calendars for my grandparents. She would collect photos of the children, grandchildren, cousins, etc. and print out a calendar. It was always my grandparents favorite and they would display it proudly in their home. I have done so many gifts for people with pictures because I feel like it's more memorable and personal. This year I am making more books for people that I love (but I don't want to give away any surprises) and I can't wait for them to see them.

I wish I had more time to do more on Shutterfly, but hopefully when I'm done with school I will have all the time in the world to put together gifts that everyone will cherish forever.

And for those of you who think people just throw Christmas cards away I want you to know I always include the few I receive in the back of my scrapbook each year. And my mom has books of past Christmas cards that make it fun to look back on how we've all grown through the years.

and when I have more money I want canvas wall art all over my house.

Christmas Spirit

Tonight we watched The First Presidency Christmas Devotional after dinner at The Colonels parents. It was the highlight of my day. That and sitting by the cutest family in Sacrament Meeting. I got to color with Audrey and she has the sweetest smile.

I love December. I love it more when I don't have school, but I still find time to not do my homework and work on decorating. I helped my mom with her house and learned how to do amazing bows on the banister garland. I've also changed and added to my own house. I am so excited for this season and can't wait to spend more time with the ones I love. And remember my Savior. I am blessed. Oh so blessed.

This is a nativity my mom let me borrow this year. It was my favorite when I was little and one of the first she got for her collection. There are lot of nativity sets out there that I don't particularly like, but I have two of the best. Thanks to my fabulous family.