Sunday, October 24, 2010

Keep him in your prayers

Friday night was a bad night to forget my phone. Luckily the Colonel always has his. He showed me a text from my mom shortly after we arrived at our friends for a late dinner.

Calling her back, I got very different news than I expected. My dad had been in a 4-wheeler accident while deer hunting and was life-flighted to the hospital. Our friends were all a bit confused to find us running out the door. Getting to the ER was nothing I've experienced before. I was confused and didn't know where my mom was. The curtain was closed in the trauma room where he was and a kind nurse came out to explain what was going on.

My dad, my strong and unbreakable dad, had 9 broken ribs, a collapsed and punctured lung, and a broken T1. I began to cry as she spoke; then I was completely embarrassed when I found my mom completely calm. (On a side note, she had already spoken to him and knew was alive).

We found my mom who was so strong, and little Carly, who was the only one home when the hospital called, both in a small waiting room.

As we found out more about what had happened I marveled at the hero my dad is. After my dad and Wes (12 years old) flipped over the top of a 4-wheeler coming down the mountain, my dad braced the rolling machine with his back. Knowing if he didn't, it would squash Wes. Wes only had the wind knocked out of him.

While my dad is in a lot of pain, he is a hero.

Please keep him in your prayers during this long recovery ahead.

UPDATE: My dad is doing really well today (3 days after the accident). He walked for the second or third time and even was able to go outside. One nurse said she has never seen so many visitors and thought dad was famous. Sunday night Wes brought dad some cookies he had made and said "thanks." Thanks for all your prayers.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The other day I was babysitting a sweet 4 year old girl. At one moment, looking directly at me, she said "idiot." She continued to look to see my reaction. I don't think she knows what it means, except that it's not nice.

I began thinking...did I say that in front of her? I call myself an idiot all the time, over stupid things. I call others idiots...but only when I'm in my car and they are in theirs. Drivers are idiots.

But I shouldn't teach 4 year olds to say that. I hope it wasn't me...