Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love's first year

The other night I got exciting news from my wedding photographer, Justin Hackworth. He is doing a new project this year for the first ten brides of 2010. It is called "Love's first year." He is going to do five photo shoots of Brandon and me during the first year of our marriage. We get to choose where we want to do them and then we get one of his books at the end. The books are incredible and I am thrilled. Brandon is excited because I am. He doesn't particularly enjoy having his picture taken, but he is so supportive because he knows how important photos are to me. I am one lucky girl!

(If you click on the photo it looks better)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding plans...

I am counting down the days...but there's still a lot to do. Here are the plans thus far:

1. Two amazing photographers (I know everyone says I'm weird - but photos are the most important right?)
Tea Marie photography (you can also look at my engagements on her fan page on facebook) and

2. A wedding dress from David's Bridal. Sorry I'm not going to post which one, because it will look way different after they alter it :)

3. Luncheon at Hamilton's Restaurant in Logan.

4. Temple date set for February 13, 2010

5. Dresses for my sisters from Shabby Apple (great suggestion from Laura. Thanks!)

6. Still to do: Flowers, Announcements, and Registering...I better get moving!