Friday, December 10, 2010

What to do...

So I have a to do list. There are two categories: School and Christmas. All I want to do is the stuff on the Christmas side of things, but that will have to wait another week while I work on projects and finals that won't be anything spectacular. I'm trying not to take any work off so attempting to write papers in the middle of taking care of children is just a little challenging--so I just give up on the the whole school part and end up watching Modern Family or Burn Notice.

All I'm asking is for my grades to be at least B-'s. Is that too much to ask for this Christmas? I guess when I get my grades back I'll know the answer.

Or maybe I should just drop out. Or take a break? (and never go back, because that's what everyone says will happen).

The end.

And Merry Christmas! Yesterday I came home to a clean house and presents wrapped under the tree from The Colonel. I am one lucky gal. Even with the long school to do list.


adrienne said...

I would want to do Christmas things other than school things too. But you can't drop out or take a just have to keep going! Way to go Brandon on having the house cleaned and presents underneath the tree!

wisp said...

Well, I guess I disagree with everyone. You can take a break if you want. I went back to college two different times. True, I didn't finish, but if we hadn't decided to have John enter the military I would have. It all depends on you. You don't HAVE to keep going. Enjoy your life. Have fun being a newlywed. If you enjoy having school along with work and life with the Colonel, more power to you. Don't feel like you'll never finish if you decided to wait. There were a lot of others that had returned to school of all ages and we were actually quite enjoying college from a different perspective then when we were younger. Do what you feel is best for you, though, honey. Don't let anyone else decide for you.