Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh the things daddy will teach the kids

The Colonel and I just finished our last final today! And somehow managed to switch cars driving back from school...I went to work, he got a haircut, then came to switch cars because he frankly hates my car. I don't feel bad though--I don't particularly care for it either.

In coming to just switch cars I convinced him to come to Carly's "opera concert" at the elementary. So we jumped in the jeep (not ours) and took the boys. 20 min. later (long before the concert was over) we headed home.

Upon approaching a police car on the side of the road, The Colonel began singing/chanting/operah-ing, "dirty cop, dirty cop, dirty cop" to which Mac began saying in his 15 month old voice, "dirty cop, dirty cop." Needless to say the Colonel was rather please with himself and said, "oh I can't wait to have kids..." or something like that. :)

Sometimes I wonder what my children will learn from their dad.


Aubree said...


princessmegan said...

oh i commented!! haha if that is the worst thing your kids say.. then you'll be dang good parents!!

wisp said...

xD Oh, dear. I think Korrie could tell you some interesting things Michael has taught their kids, too. Hahaha. I worry, as well, for my someday kids. I fear the first things they will learn from John are wrestling and martial arts moves. Or that their first sentence will be, "For this, you die." xD