Friday, December 10, 2010


Lately I've been obsessed with pillows. But boy are they pricey. I did get a super cute $20 one at a boutique with some birthday money last month. And then I made some yellow and orange cases a few months ago which I love. But they aren't anything fancy and they definitely aren't soft and fluffy.

If I could I would be decorative pillows with down feathers inside. Oh how nice.

But right now my little pillows with suffice. Plus leather couches are way too slippery for pillows. (Note to self: don't get slippery leather couches in the future.)

However, I would not mind one bit if I could add this little pillow to my Christmas decor.

Go here to win! (But actually don't, because I want to win)


wisp said...

Me, too! xD I've been looking at pillows on amazon a lot and adding them to my wish list and then erasing them because I know I won't spend sixty bucks on a pillow. Hahaha. I love it!

Emily said...

I totally have a pillow wishlist on amazon too!