Friday, December 10, 2010


If any of you have not heard Mindy Gledhill's new cd Anchor. Stop reading and go listen now. And then buy it.

Our amazingly talented wedding photographer Justin Hackworth invited The Colonel and me to a special event. Read all about it on his blog. There were giveaways (we were "given"--after somebody else had won it--the amazing Lower Lights cd (that I was so close to buying a few weeks ago), yummy chocolates and popcorn.

And we got our picture taken photobooth style and got to listen to beautiful music.

Picture by Justin Hackworth


Natalie Lundberg said...

I so want to see your wedding album and all the other session you've done with Justin...did you say you were doing 4 more your first year?


LauraP said...

I Love Mindy Gledhill! I just bought a bunch of her songs in itunes.

Angel said...

I love her! I bought that cd the day it came out. Love her church music too! You are lucky you got to go. Fun!

Lizzie - Dancing Toad Photography said...

Adorable picture! So glad to see that you did a blog post for the 50 free Christmas cards! .. and thanks for your sweet tidbit. :)