Monday, September 27, 2010

We can't think of one without the other

Grandpa was always just grandpa to me growing up. It wasn't til yesterday I fully realized how many lives he's influenced and changed. He has been chosen to be Logan's very first citizen of the year. Everyone knows and loves John and Norda Emmett.

I have been blessed and changed forever being their granddaughter.

Jay and Jane say it perfectly here, we can't think of John or Norda Emmett without thinking of the other.

Yesterday Grandma sat next to her husband of 63 years and leaned over and said, "you've been nothing but nice to me."

They are the perfect example of what marriage should be. and can be.

Grandpa passed away this afternoon. It must have been an amazing reunion with his parents, daughters, and grandbabies who have been waiting for him.


Hannah said...

That was beautiful.
Thanks for sharing such a sweet story.

Laura-Clark said...

I also can't think of one without the other. I never realized all that Grandpa did in the community, he really did so much and helped so many people. They are examples of what True Love really is.

Candice said...

sorry for your loss! It's hard lossing grandparents, but the memories that come with it are amazing. Hugs and prayers with your family at this time!

chad said...

I've got to stop reading the family blogs. I keep tearing up. Thanks for the post Emily.

Tamera said...

Sorry about your Grandpa, Em. Love you.

wisp said...

I'm so sorry, Emily. I know how close to your Grandfather you were. *hugs* My thoughts are with you, hon.