Monday, August 2, 2010

What is that smell?

On Friday we came home from Cub River- the annual Lundberg family gathering. It was full of water fights, card games, ladder golf, yummy food, and good company.

When we walked into our apartment it smelled so bad. In every room it stunk and we couldn't figure it out. We put cleaner down the disposal. We took out the trash. But the smell was still horrible! Later, Brandon went to warm up the rice heating bag for my hurt knee and opened the microwave.

There was the culprit.

Broccoli from Tuesday nights dinner...


Lizzie - Dancing Toad Photography said...

I am so sorry I missed Katie's bridal shower! I just got the invitation today! (my mail system is a little screwed up, that could be why) bummer. Thanks so much for inviting me!

Natalie Lundberg said...


here is our family blog

Papa John said...

We were glad you found the culpret