Sunday, August 22, 2010

tent sleeping

This summer we've been camping a whole two times! Which is actually more than I've camped in many years. I remember going camping as a young girl when my dad would build us swings and take us "hunting" - or elk watching...I call it "quiet tree watching."

We always have the annual Lundberg family reunion at the infamous Cub River. I love it up there. There is grass, shady trees, bathrooms, and delicious food. Not that I hate the outdoors, it's just nice to have a luxurious camping experience every once in a while. We even had some kid bow and arrows to practice some target shooting.

A few weeks after Cub River we planned a camping trip with some friends.
We didn't go too far, just up American Fork canyon, but it was quite the adventure. Luckily Brandon and I were in a Jeep...the Honda Civic passengers and drivers were not so lucky.
Other than some tense drivers and a few strange looks from others on 4-wheelers we safely made it to our camping spot...after moving down the road once our tent was already set up.

It was enjoyable camping with "non-campers," having our own version of "top-shot," and successfully making it through the night with a full air mattress...others were not so fortunate.

Brandon was the best with the shotgun.
Me + 357 Magnum = ...I don't know yet
Here we have Devin trying to shoot the clay pigeon with the shotgun, if he misses Roy will try with the 22 pistol and if he misses Brandon will try with the 22 least it makes for a good picture.
Brandon's favorite was seeing a Moose early in the morning! We were all jealous that we didn't see it...but here's the proof that there was indeed a visitor at our campsite.
I've been able to check off camping on my list of "to-do's" for the I just need to convince Brandon to hike Maple Mountain with me. He promised he would when it gets a little cooler.


wisp said...

How fun! Sadly, John and I have never gone camping together. I don't love camping... it's really funny that I was a geology major. *shakes head* That's so awesome Brandon saw a moose! I've never seen one before. I'm glad it wasn't in a territorial mood, though. lol
I love the picture of you two at the beginning. =) It makes me really miss you guys. *hugs*

Papa John said...

Are you aure you aren't having too much fun during your canping expoditions?

Amber said...

Hey Em, I totally approve of the picture of you shooting. :) That's a sweet gun! Love ya girl!