Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Lucky Girl

Last night I went to bed kind of early (late for me, early for my hubby) so I could get up super early to go to a free Zumba class. I've wanted to go to a class for a while now since everyone is talking about how amazing it is. And even though it was at 5:50 it was free, so I went for it.

When I got to the door to walk out, Brandon had left a little note for me telling me I am his angel. I smiled as I walked out counting my blessings for bringing this man into my life.


Heidi said...

Hey! This is Heidi (Carl's Heidi)

I'd love to blog with you me at and I'll send you an invite to my blog!

wisp said...

He really is a sweetheart. =) He has a lot of love to give. I've been so happy that you found each other. <3