Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm 215 pounds!!

Since there wasn't much for me to do at work yesterday I decided I should go get my Drivers License since I lost mine and I needed to change my name anyway. So my amazing husband brought the documents I needed to get a duplicate and while I waited in the 2 hour line he got me Arby's.

So I filled out my information and sat waiting. I saw a girl from high school and was chatting with her when we realized Mr. Newbury, who did the driving tests in high school was one of the guys that would soon be helping us. I started to get a little nervous because this is the guy that barely passed me when he had to slam on the emergency break in the passenger seat of the drivers ed car.

I began hoping that I would not be fortunate enough to be in his line...but I was not so lucky. He called my number.

Luckily he didn't remember me and asked if I was related to a Terri Lundberg...nope, not to my knowledge. As he began filling out my information he got to the weight and gave me a weird smirk. He handed it back to me and said, "you're a pretty young lady and you don't weight that."

Are you kidding me. I wrote that I was 215 pounds. And I thought I was rounding down from 217! Instead I was rounding up...insanely up.

I told my husband and he said I had a complex. Perhaps I was just planning on gaining a lot of weight in the near future.


Papa John said...

215 really does sound a bit high for you, EMily. Where die you copme up with that number?

Angel said...

This is so funny! Crazy it was Mr. Newbury helping you! haha. And yes I will make you a necklace but NO you don't have to pay me! I'm bringing the stuff home with me because Mel and Rachel want to make one too. You can come over and join us when we do! :)

Nicole Nield said...

I love it. I am sure the people who work at the DMV are used to ladies making themselves weigh less.

adrienne said...

Well at least the guy caught it and you're not stuck with 215 pounds on your driver's license!

A and M said...

If you were 215 lbs you would probably be just as wide as you are tall! Funny story!

collinanddani said...

Geez Em lay off the deep fried oreos. Collin and I did't go to sleep last night until 2 in the morning because we were watching psych. I'm so tired and now I'm not sure if I love it here in Alaska or if I just love watching that show... Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks! I hope you are planning on sleeping over because it is going to be OFF THE HOOK!