Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad and Happy 4th!

July 2nd my dad turned 50! I don't think anyone would ever guess he is a day over 30. I remember showing family pictures to people on my mission and everyone was shocked he was actually my dad. They would also say how good looking he was. :)

For his 50th Amanda came up with a genius idea of framing 50 things we love about our dad. After a few hours we had come up with 50 things (easy) and managed to take turns writing them, while deciding which color of marker was next. See pictures here.

We also went in on a ping pong table for the basement. While my dad does love ping pong, it was probably more of a "family" gift. He was very happy and surprised his girls lugged the table in from the truck and managed to set it up all by ourselves. Brandon would have been there to help but he was building a stand for our new a/c that both Christine and Maren used. Our windows were too high so we needed a stand to put it on. While it isn't the prettiest decoration it cools our apt. lovely!

Last night we celebrated the 4th by watching the fireworks at Stadium of Fire from Brandon's parents backyard. While they looked pretty small it was way better than bumper to bumper traffic in provo. The neatest part was hearing the loud booms almost a minute after the fireworks actually started and then continuing to hear them long after we could see them. Brandon is smart enough to tell me how fast light and sound travel...but I forgot. Experiencing that was way better than any science class though!

So happy birthday to the greatest dad! And happy 4th of July!


Papa John said...

We think you made theright choices(about your dad from heaven)and about Brando here on earth. Both are really special. The non-trip to the stadium for the fireworks also worked out well

falslev family said...

I love the idea of framing 50 things you love about your dad!! Very cute and creative. Impressive work on hauling the ping pong table in and setting it up. I'm sure Jim was proud of his girls :)

Angel said...

That was a cute birthday gift you gave to your dad. I actually made the picture bigger and read them. A lot of them were really funny and SO true. I laughed pretty hard at the big eyes and tight lips thing. I can totally see it! Happy 4th of July girly. Miss you!!