Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm 215 pounds!!

Since there wasn't much for me to do at work yesterday I decided I should go get my Drivers License since I lost mine and I needed to change my name anyway. So my amazing husband brought the documents I needed to get a duplicate and while I waited in the 2 hour line he got me Arby's.

So I filled out my information and sat waiting. I saw a girl from high school and was chatting with her when we realized Mr. Newbury, who did the driving tests in high school was one of the guys that would soon be helping us. I started to get a little nervous because this is the guy that barely passed me when he had to slam on the emergency break in the passenger seat of the drivers ed car.

I began hoping that I would not be fortunate enough to be in his line...but I was not so lucky. He called my number.

Luckily he didn't remember me and asked if I was related to a Terri Lundberg...nope, not to my knowledge. As he began filling out my information he got to the weight and gave me a weird smirk. He handed it back to me and said, "you're a pretty young lady and you don't weight that."

Are you kidding me. I wrote that I was 215 pounds. And I thought I was rounding down from 217! Instead I was rounding up...insanely up.

I told my husband and he said I had a complex. Perhaps I was just planning on gaining a lot of weight in the near future.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Uniform

For the last few years I have been a nanny for different families and I absolutely love it. However, I am not fortunate enough to have a sweet polo that is three sizes too big or khaki pants that make my thighs look huge. I have thought about getting scrubs and saying that's my work uniform...but for some reason felt that wouldn't work very well.

But last summer I found the perfect uniform...with the help of my sisters.

The Hanes White V-Neck.

At one point I had nine or so of them...I think a few have gone missing since and one is now tie-die, but I love them. The only bad thing is that Aubree and Val probably think that's all I own. So occasionally I dress up a little, but then I just end up missing my white v-neck. Oh and did I mention they're mens :)


I'm trying to make my blog cute like hers or hers. But I think you have to have kids to do that. Maybe not. I don't know.

Last night I got to go to Will and Mac's house. After Mac was sleeping I took Will on a walk in his little car. He was so sad when his mom left and I knew his dad was going to be coming home to change in basketball clothes soon, so I had to get him out of the house. It was fun teaching him words like stop sign and mail box.

He kept looking at me like this and laughing so hard. It took many tries to get this picture on my phone without the top of a blurry head.

Which made going inside that much harder. But we turned on So You Think You Can Dance and danced along.

It feels so good to go crazy and not be ashamed at how horrible of a dancer you are. I think that's why I love babysitting so much. I don't ever feel embarrassed or ashamed in front of little children. Probably because they're closer to God than any of us.

Friday, July 16, 2010

more coming...

Amanda is a much better blogger than me and has already put up pictures from Alaska on the Emmett family blog. Here is the link to enjoy the fabulous pictures. I'll make my post sometime soon.

I have the best husband ever though. I missed him so so much and came home to balloons and a welcome home sign! He is the greatest. Tonight we're having the first campfire of the summer...it's way overdue.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Night

I'm Leavin' on a Jet Plane, but I know I'll be back next week to see my hubby. I will surely miss him though. Last night he read me more of Lord of the Rings and didn't finish the chapter so I wasn't left with a scary cliffhanger for a week. I love him.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad and Happy 4th!

July 2nd my dad turned 50! I don't think anyone would ever guess he is a day over 30. I remember showing family pictures to people on my mission and everyone was shocked he was actually my dad. They would also say how good looking he was. :)

For his 50th Amanda came up with a genius idea of framing 50 things we love about our dad. After a few hours we had come up with 50 things (easy) and managed to take turns writing them, while deciding which color of marker was next. See pictures here.

We also went in on a ping pong table for the basement. While my dad does love ping pong, it was probably more of a "family" gift. He was very happy and surprised his girls lugged the table in from the truck and managed to set it up all by ourselves. Brandon would have been there to help but he was building a stand for our new a/c that both Christine and Maren used. Our windows were too high so we needed a stand to put it on. While it isn't the prettiest decoration it cools our apt. lovely!

Last night we celebrated the 4th by watching the fireworks at Stadium of Fire from Brandon's parents backyard. While they looked pretty small it was way better than bumper to bumper traffic in provo. The neatest part was hearing the loud booms almost a minute after the fireworks actually started and then continuing to hear them long after we could see them. Brandon is smart enough to tell me how fast light and sound travel...but I forgot. Experiencing that was way better than any science class though!

So happy birthday to the greatest dad! And happy 4th of July!