Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Castles...Art Galleries...Homes

For the last few date nights we've been walking through the Parade of Homes. What an incredible sight...people sure are still finding ways to live the life, even in "this economy." It was fun seeing ideas for our future home and seeing what it would be like living the high life.

Before the pictures...a few insights.

1. Are Theaters that some comfy couches and a big screen in a basement family room. I've never seen more home theaters in my life.

2. Master Bedroom should be on a different floor than all other bedrooms.

3. Hardwood floors throughout the house...not soft on the toes.

4. I want my house to be decorated by Four Chairs I don't think Brandon would approve though :)

5. I want to be a good cook with a large kitchen.

Brandon's favorite
This was one incredible yard!

Loved this little girls room
Slide anyone?
screws anyone?
Another one of Brandon's favorites
Date night in your basement!
hello kitchen...and three TV's in the background
Knight in shining armor
Let's go swimming
And then we'll go to our very own movie theater


Angel said...

Man I LOVE the parade of homes! It is fun to look at the crazy houses and get ideas. You definitely see some ridiculous, very unnecessary things though!

Laura-Clark said...

I like to go to the parade of homes too and dream of what my house will look like some day! But sometimes they go a little over the top... that slide and the movie theatre are a little much!

Papa John said...

I would caution you with "dream on" but apparently it has been possible for others so why not you two?

wisp said...

I tend to prefer more simple ideas. Good colors, nice art on the walls. Somewhere real. Hahaha. I don't know if I could ever feel at home in places so elaborate. A person could certain become a recluse pretty easily, though. lol Just give me a little bit of cozy and homey and I'm good. ;)