Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fathers Day...belated

This is rather late, but I wanted to give a shout out to the fabulous fathers in my life. After babysitting two adorable little boys for four days, we were able to end our fathers day with yummy food and even yummier dessert. I must say Brandon is going to be one amazing dad. He was always there to help the boys calm down and stop crying. He played basketball with Will and made Mac smile when he didn't feel well. He even mastered feeding Will food...which is a major feat. Love you hun!

I am so blessed to have an amazing dad that is so willing to help anyone at any time. He taught me how to work hard and play hard. And he has survived 23 + years of being the only man in the house. Love you Dad!
And I'm blessed to have a father-in-law now! He is so easy to talk to and is always ready to help us when we need him. Love you Reese!

And while I don't have pictures I have two of the most amazing grandfathers in the world. They support all their grandkids and keep the family together. They both work hard and love their family. Love you grandpa Emmett and grandpa Lundberg!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Castles...Art Galleries...Homes

For the last few date nights we've been walking through the Parade of Homes. What an incredible sight...people sure are still finding ways to live the life, even in "this economy." It was fun seeing ideas for our future home and seeing what it would be like living the high life.

Before the pictures...a few insights.

1. Are Theaters that some comfy couches and a big screen in a basement family room. I've never seen more home theaters in my life.

2. Master Bedroom should be on a different floor than all other bedrooms.

3. Hardwood floors throughout the house...not soft on the toes.

4. I want my house to be decorated by Four Chairs I don't think Brandon would approve though :)

5. I want to be a good cook with a large kitchen.

Brandon's favorite
This was one incredible yard!

Loved this little girls room
Slide anyone?
screws anyone?
Another one of Brandon's favorites
Date night in your basement!
hello kitchen...and three TV's in the background
Knight in shining armor
Let's go swimming
And then we'll go to our very own movie theater

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Cause of sore legs and a funny looking walk

Getting home from Logan on Memorial day Brandon and I headed to his parents to see some nieces and nephews that were in town visiting. They had all just finished riding Brandon's horse Cobra and we wanted a turn. Brandon got to go first and he is one good lookin' cowboy.

Now I just pretend like I can ride a horse. I've always been allergic, but I have been in the mountains of Wyoming on a horse trying to make it back to camp without another hail storm hitting us and I felt like I could be in an old Western...not really though. So I had to impress my hubby and get on Cobra - the same horse that is known for bucking people off when he doesn't like them. Well here are the pictures to prove my success in riding, but the three days of limping came later.

Luckily I didn't fall off like the last time I tried to ride when the horse decided to follow my sister over a small jump.

Isn't Mapleton gorgeous! Who says Utah isn't's green enough for me. I suppose all this rain is doing something :) I just wish I could stay inside and read Lord of the Rings with Brandon all day when it's raining.

Oh and just to give a shout out to Dave and Katie. Congratulations! Of the six close friends from High School Katie is the last one to tie the knot...she only beat me by a few months :) Can't wait til August!