Monday, May 3, 2010

Wedding time

The season for weddings is officially in full swing.

I love weddings.

This last Friday we were able to attend Devin and Kaylee's wedding in the Manti temple. We we able to stay and do a session there too and it was so fun. I love the Manti temple! Since I am not the most intelligent I spaced bringing a camera! Luckily another friend Katie shared her pictures with us. My favorite part of the day was dancing...and decoration the car. Here are a few pictures.

Sorry I can't fix the just have to click on them to see the entire photo. I'm not that smart when it comes to the layout.

The happy couple

The scene on the hood of the car...don't ask

Pose for the camera

I think we're singing a duet and i look prego...but i'm not. promise. It's the dress...yeah I know. Everybody says that.


Nathan and Katie Patrick said...

you guys are amazing!

wisp said...

Awesome! I'm so happy for Devin and Kaylee. Weddings are wonderful. They remind us of all of the things that matter.
John is going to use this awesome pic of Brandon on his phone now... so whenever he calls or texts this coolness will appear. XD LOVE IT. I also love the picture of you two dancing. :) I'm so happy Brandon found a girl he can be himself with at every level - even the weird levels. :-7 Hug his brains out for me. ;)

Papa John said...

You both still look great!