Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today I got to go to the wedding of one of my favorite mission companions, Nicole Cornwell Nield. click here to see her beautiful picture. I was able to make the drive to Logan with my mom and it was so good to talk to her for 4 hours. We were also able to visit my grandparents. Oh how I love them. We ran a few errands with my Grandma and she was trying to find some sort of magnet board for a basement wall that is bright yellow...and I mean bright. My mom came up with the idea of just getting a large piece of sheet metal and nailing that to the wall.

As my grandma got out of the car after hearing that idea she did her little skip. I had never really noticed before, but my mom said "I love when she does her little 'excited skip.'" It made me wonder what I do when I get excited...

I love being excited. I love being excited to see my hubby after a long day of work. I love getting something new, even if it is a foot callous scrubber for $1.99 Being excited is something we all need more of. I just found out I get to go to Alaska with my family this summer. I'm excited. I'm excited to see another part of the world. This last weekend I went to St. George with my hubby. I was so excited driving down there to play tennis, swim, golf and just spend time with Brandon. It was so fun to get burned in the warm sun...and then come home to rain and snow.

I am excited for the Emmett family gathering this weekend for Memorial Day. I am excited to put flowers on my angel brother's and sister's graves and commit to be a better wife, a better friend, a better sister, and a better lady.


adrienne said...

Well I am excited that I get to see you this weekend! And I need to pay better attention to Grandma and this excited skip of hers!

Papa John said...

Great post, Emily. It was good to see you and Mary yesterday - come anytime.