Friday, March 26, 2010

Up for a challenge!?

After weeks of waiting to see our wedding pictures we finally saw them on Wed. and I could not be happier! I absolutely love them and will recommend Justin Hackworth to everyone. He just posted some of the pictures on his blog and said I get some free prints if people comment on them! But it only goes to next Thurs. so if you love me and Brandon and you love the pictures please comment! I want to know what you think and I want some free prints :)



Angel said...

I loved all the pictures! Sad I didn't see one of us with you though! just your stupid missionary friends...jk. Even though I know we're better than them. ;)

Dave and Lizzie Barrett said...

Just commented.. They are all so pretty! Croshaw's barn was a wonderful choice for your reception!

Papa John said...

Great pictures. He covered everything well. Now your next job is how to decide which are "keepers" and which you will just remember in your mind's eye. The honored couple was expecially notable.