Tuesday, March 16, 2010

off roading and good things in life

Brandon and I live in this adorable apartment with adorable neighbors and an adorable view. Okay...so that isn't completely true. We joke about how our neighbors upstairs never stop walking. Never. And each morning our commute to school includes off-roading on the road coming out of our apartment complex. I am surprised I haven't had a flat tire yet.

I wasn't lying about the beginning of this post though. Our apartment is very cute now that I have decorated it some. And I got some really cute bedding with some of the gift-cards from the wedding. I still get my shopping fill with gift cards. Grocery shopping doesn't quite cut it. I am very proud of myself (dad are you reading this?) for not shopping for clothes or stopping by to get fast food in between class and work.

Tonight I have been working on getting thank you cards done. I still have a ways to go, but I am making progress. Brandon is really good at writing them too and I am grateful for his help. I am extremely upset though, because two of the gifts we received (a crock pot that I have actually used a few weeks ago and a blanket that is incredibly soft) are nameless! It just makes me sick to think that some people are not going to receive a thank you from Brandon and me! I wish they were reading this post right now so they would know how much I appreciate their kindness. I'm sure since my blog is just so incredibly popular that they must be reading. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed.

And the good things in life...Samoas. (Not samoans as Brandon called them, but they are very nice people). Samoas as in the girl scout cookies. Brandon surprised me on Sat. with a box of them and without looking at the Nutrition Facts I could probably eat an entire box in a very short amount of time.

Another good thing in life. Canceled class. Especially 8:30 am classes. I love that I can sleep in an extra couple of hours and ride to school with Brandon. I love him.

As for now...I'm out.


Angel said...

I miss you...lots. Please call me. We haven't talked once since you tied the knot. That is just not right. I want to see what your apartment looks like. Post pictures! Wanna go on a cruise this summer with us? Random, sorry.

Amanda said...

Samoas!! I'm coming over.

Papa John said...

It sounds like you are getting used to married life in more than one way. Norda and I started out in a make-shift bathroom-less apartment with a water-less kithen in the rear of mother's home so each move has been an inprovement since then.

collinanddani said...

I want to see your apt! Remember when we talked and you PROMISED that we would hang out? Well please call me. I miss you.

wisp said...

Brandon is so cute! I can hear him muttering, "I didn't know..." as I type (about the Samoans...). :D That is so sweet that he surprised you with Samoas. I love them so much I've been avoiding girl scouts because I'm trying to avoid the eating-the-whole-box as well. ;)
We know how you feel about the apartment. We had one with no heat, one with ANTS, one with wolf spiders and a broken foundation so it was breaking in half (the owls made up for it...), one with a family of 5 living in a 2-bedroom above us with a little girl that did nothing but run and jump and a boy that played basketball indoors, one we had to keep locked at all times because someone would frequently try the handle and I once found a random child in my living room while John was bringing groceries from the car, and one with neighbors that cooked pungent food and did everything loudly. Though this place has no carpets whatsoever and no lights in the living room, I feel like we've moved up over the years. :D I'm excited to see where time takes you and Brandon. Squeeze him for me.

Laura-Clark said...

Samoas are heavenly! I just ate 3 in like 3 seconds. I bought some and so did Clark without knowing so we have 2 boxes to get through. I'm sure we will manage! I'm glad you are enjoying married life!