Tuesday, December 29, 2009

today's highlights

lunch with mom,
finding a wedding dress.
finding dresses for my sisters
(or rather watching Amanda find them).

talking to Brandon.
watching Brandon keep baby Macoy happy
with his Star Wars fighting
(Sorry Brandon, I forgot the term you used).

diet coke
leftover turkey with cranberry sauce
and sweet potatoes

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A few days ago we went up to Temple Square with a few friends and it was fun seeing the lights. Brandon had never seen Temple Square at Christmastime so it was a must. I love this time of year.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Why is it that we make lists? Christmas lists, to do lists, book lists, shopping lists...etc. Especially at this time, I'm always making lists. Perhaps it's to remember every random thing we need to do? or perhaps it helps us stay on track? The only problem is there are still things we want to do and have to do. Occasionally we will be lucky and something will be both a want and necessity.

I'm currently in this predicament. There are things I need to do...Christmas shopping is a huge one - But so is taking finals. So what will I spend my day doing? I need to get a birthday present and I need to get myself some things, so I will probably spend the entire day getting ready for Christmas and not studying.

This happened to me on Tuesday. Instead of doing the million things I needed to do for school I spent the day cleaning and organizing. So, I ended up being awake until 2 am writing a paper that I was too scared to read the next day, because I didn't want to know how disjointed it was.

So why do I make lists? I end up just doing whatever sounds the most exciting anyway. Perhaps it's not the lists that's the problem, but the priorities.

Well I will get back to making my to do list for the day and coming week.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Time for decorating!

Brandon and I enjoyed decorating his family Christmas tree, which included several star wars ornaments and handmade ornaments from Kindergarten. I love Christmas and I just want to be done with school so I can fully participate in the Christmas spirit! We even listened to Michael Buble and Josh Groban Christmas - some of Cathie Bastian's favorites. I firmly believe Christmas music makes everything better. And spending the evening with Brandon.

So the pictures are quite blurry...but you get the idea.