Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What are you grateful for?

1. sleeping in my own bed
2. the way Brandon looks at me
3. Will's laugh and Coco's stories (they're completely true)
4. games! i love competition way too much...
5. diet coke and pumpkin bread
6. inviting myself to join in on Amanda and Molly's retainer talks
7. the feeling you get after just getting ready - fresh makeup and non-greasy hair
8. singing out loud in the car and not being ashamed when you know people can see you
9. popsicles on a sore throat
10. the feeling of being content with life

These are just a few things I am grateful for; now I want to know what you're grateful for...lets see how creative everyone can get.


Papa John said...

Our list would be waaaay too long to list everything but the No. 1 thing would be our family and the joy and happiness you all bring into our lives. Without you and the Gospel plan there would be no reason to be here! Skiing and what it has meant to our family probably comes in second.

Laura-Clark said...

I love you girls and the retainer talks, so funny! I'm thankful that our family is awesome and we got to spend Thanksgiving together and eat yummy food :)