Saturday, November 7, 2009

Are you okay with touching bones?

This was the question asked before playing a Mongolian game. I was very confused by this and a few things went through my head..."human bones? in what way would we be touching ankle bones...and where would these bones come from?" Oh don't worry they were sheep ankle bones. And supposedly they were sterilized. Do they sterilize bones in Mongolia? Anyhow it definitely made for a fun and quite odd date, but those are the best kind right? We did get a little competitive - and the girls conquered. Jerry making the floor vibrate with his fist multiple times was a highlight, as was beating Brandon. :) And this is a picture of a very pretty and clean ankle bone...I think most of ours had some sort of osteoporosis...or some other bone disease.


Papa John said...

What ever it takes to add up to a good time is OK. If you beat Brandon by too far I hope he doesn't take it personally. Even though I didn't x-ray many Mongolians during my working years I suspect the bones pictured are from animals and not humans.

Anonymous said...


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