Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What are you grateful for?

1. sleeping in my own bed
2. the way Brandon looks at me
3. Will's laugh and Coco's stories (they're completely true)
4. games! i love competition way too much...
5. diet coke and pumpkin bread
6. inviting myself to join in on Amanda and Molly's retainer talks
7. the feeling you get after just getting ready - fresh makeup and non-greasy hair
8. singing out loud in the car and not being ashamed when you know people can see you
9. popsicles on a sore throat
10. the feeling of being content with life

These are just a few things I am grateful for; now I want to know what you're grateful for...lets see how creative everyone can get.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

My incredibly amazing birthday this year included lots of lunches and dinners throughout the week, flowers from Brandon, and very nice gifts from everyone. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It's quite weird thinking I'm now 23...not saying that's old or anything :) Thinking I was a missionary last year on my birthday is a little strange. I miss it everyday and just last night I had a dream I saw the Vieira family and Jasmine (the baby) was suddenly a boy and enormous. Strange...

Here are a few highlights from last week!

On Monday my family took me to Olive Garden for dinner and Molly got to come too :) She is definitely figuring out how psycho our family is...They gave me awesome presents including shoes, movies (My Turn On Earth...anyone seen it? I am watching it today!), a temple bag, and books.

On Tuesday Brandon came over to watch So You Think You can Dance and showed up with these flowers! On my birthday he gave me this c.d.

And on Friday he made me his famous enchiladas with homemade flour tortillas. They were amazing! He also helped me with my paper that was due at midnight...
So both of us look odd in this picture...our eyes look a little sluggish.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Are you okay with touching bones?

This was the question asked before playing a Mongolian game. I was very confused by this and a few things went through my head..."human bones? in what way would we be touching ankle bones...and where would these bones come from?" Oh don't worry they were sheep ankle bones. And supposedly they were sterilized. Do they sterilize bones in Mongolia? Anyhow it definitely made for a fun and quite odd date, but those are the best kind right? We did get a little competitive - and the girls conquered. Jerry making the floor vibrate with his fist multiple times was a highlight, as was beating Brandon. :) And this is a picture of a very pretty and clean ankle bone...I think most of ours had some sort of osteoporosis...or some other bone disease.

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's a Charlie Brown Halloween

Lucy and Schroeder doing what they do best!
aka Emily and Brandon
the girls... and I'm sure you could take a good guess to whom the creature below might be...

Here are some highlights from Halloween this year! My mom noted that it has been several years since she's had a picture of all 5 girls together in halloween costumes. Amanda was the best black person ever, Jamie was the sexiest Cheetah, Camilla - the cutest Minnie, Carly - the hottest Red Devil, and me...well I was a cartoon character. Don't really know what to say about that.