Monday, October 12, 2009

Conversation 1

Jayden (age 8): "Who here thinks I'm hot - I mean handsome?"
Jayden: a little louder..."Who thinks I'm handsome?"
Tyler (brother, age 4): "I do!"
Alexis (sister, age 5): "I do!"
me...just listening
Jayden: "Who wants to marry me?"
Tyler: "me"
Alexis: "me"
Ashlyn: "boys can't marry boys"
Tyler: "yes, boys can marry boys"
Me: "Brothers and sisters can't marry each other...sorry"

Later that day...
Alexis: "Emily, Jayden thinks you're hot!"
Jayden: "You weren't supposed to tell her!"
Me: awkwardly ignoring the conversation

The entire day...
Jayden: singing "I look good on the outside..."

I love kids

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Dave and Lizzie Barrett said...

Hi Emily!!! Yay you have a blog! I saw your link on Angel's blog and I was so excited! I hope you are doing well!